Bravado’s Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra: Review

Bravado’s Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra has to be one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. It is the perfect choice for when you are both pregnant and breastfeeding as it stretches and moulds to your changing shape. It’s so comfortable that when feeding at night I forgot that I had it on. It just gives you the right level of support without being too tight or non-movable.bravado

It is seamless and wireless for even greater comfort and also has removable cups which are very easy to take out if you don’t want these extra padding or if you, like me, need to use nursing pads.

 As well as being a fantastic bra throughout pregnancy and nursing because of the moldability, the clever design also means that you can cut away the plastic nursing clips and replace them with the Bravado B clips to convert it into a regular bra once you’ve finished nursing.

 This is my second body silk seamless bra that I’ve used. I have now had to buy a smaller size now that Benjamin is 10 months and feeding less. The first one lasted through two pregnancies and the first few months of feeding both babies too. It was one of the only bras that I managed to wear both times as my shape has changed so much that the other ones I had just didn’t fit properly.

This new White Blush colour is so feminine and pretty, it makes the bra feel that little bit more special. Nursing bras can be so plain and boring but this one makes you feel that little bit more like you and less like a feeding machine.

 Both the body silk seamless bras have washed really well and retained their elasticity, comfort and shape so well. I’m looking forward to being able to cut the clips off this one in a couple of months’ time (not that I’m counting!) and converting it into a normal bra… I have almost forgotten what it feels like not to have clips on the front of my bra!

Talking of clips, they are very easy to open and close one handed which is especially useful when you are out or just when you have a very wiggly baby. The cup folds down fully so there isn’t any fabric to get in the way when feeding, just a slim piece of elastic.

 The hook and eye clasps at the back are also great. You can adjust it to four different sizes and having three clasps on each setting means its a snug and comfortable fit without creating any back bulges.

 I would highly recommend this brilliant nursing bra as for just £30 RRP, you care essentially getting a 3 in 1 bra that really does last.

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