Mamas and Papas Snax Highchair

SnaxAs we have progressed down the baby led weaning route, I wanted a highchair with a tray that would be large enough to allow my daughter lots of space for exploring (with the hope that it would also catch a lot of the mess).

We decided on the Mamas and Papas Snax because it ticked so many boxes and we haven’t been disappointed.

The highchair height can be adjusted to 6 different levels making it really versatile and also meaning that your little one can eat at the table with you if you didn’t want to use the tray.

I also love that the highchair folds flat and can sat free standing as it just makes a little bit more room. It comes with wheels but to be honest, I haven’t ever used them as the highchair is light enough to just pick up and move.

The added basket which attaches underneath the bottom of the seat is brilliant and highly practical. I keep all of my daughters feeding things (and there’s a lot) in there and this frees up my cupboards for other things. It’s a simple design but such a brilliant idea.

I love that there is a moulded plastic section on the base of the seat so that you know your little one won’t slide down the chair and the 5 point harness is good too.

There are a couple of small things which irritate me about this highchair though. The first being that although there is a separate dinner tray (allegedly for ease of cleaning) you end up having to clean both trays because little arms and hands touch the edge of the tray – what they needed to do was have the dinner tray clip over the main white tray so that there wasn’t any overlap with the other tray.

Because the trays are large (I specifically wanted large trays), it does however mean they are a little awkward to clean in the sink but this really isn’t the end of the world – I just thought it should be mentioned.

The other issue is that the fabric of the actual chair stains really easily which is such a shame because it’s a really pretty design.

These small issues aren’t the end big enough to stop me buying one though and I would definitely recommend this to other mums who are planning on going down the baby led weaning route.

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