Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump


A friend recommended the Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump to me when I was pregnant and intending to breastfeed my baby but wanted to have the option of bottle-feeding occasionally using expressed breast milk.  I had heard that Medela were a reputable and trusted brand used in hospitals.  The Mini Electric was developed for short-term or occasional use at home with the mains supply or when on the go with batteries.

The design is compact and easy to use and can be operated using only one hand.  You can choose the most comfortable vacuum level quickly by switching one controller; I find it to be comfortable and most effective on the highest setting.  I assume that an electric pump is more efficient than a manual one but as I haven’t tried any other breastpumps I can’t really compare; however, I do know that I can easily express 3-4 fl oz within a few minutes if I get a good letdown.  Another advantage is its simplicity: the pump only comprises four parts, so assembly and cleaning is quick and easy.

The main disadvantage of the Mini Electric has to be the noise.  It is undeniably loud.  This has not really been an issue for me as I have only ever used it at home, but I would imagine that you would draw quite a lot of attention to yourself if you used it when out and about!  The noise has been a drawback for me when I have needed to use it when my baby is asleep, to relieve engorgement, for example.  On these occasions I have had to go into a different room in the house to express.

Also, I think that it would be useful if the pump came with a spare bottle as sometimes I store the milk in the bottle, which means that I can’t use the pump again until I have transferred the milk to another bottle or a bag.  Medela do sell their own Pump & Save Bags into which you can pump milk directly, but these are more expensive than the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags that I use.

In summary, I would definitely recommend this breastpump to mums looking to buy a compact electric pump that is easy to use and efficient, as long as they don’t mind the noise!


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