Messy-Me Messy Mat

With a weaning baby and a messy pre-schooler, dinner time can prove to be quite sticky. It never used to be too much of an issue as our old dining room was in the conservatory which had wooden floors. However, having just moved into our new house, the dining room now has carpet and we all know carpet and spaghetti bolognaise don’t mix. That’s where the messy mat comes in.

We’ve been trialling the messy mat from Messy-Me and it’s been fantastic. It’s the perfect size to use under the highchair to catch all the food that gets dropped/flung and it’s so easy to wipe clean that it makes tidying up after dinner that much easier. 

 As well as using it under the high chair, we’ve used it to have indoor picnics to avoid food being squashed into the carpet but more than this, it also works brilliantly as a craft mat too. Those of you who know me will know I love to craft and so does Isabella so having somewhere that we can get a little messy without worrying about the end result is brilliant. 

 The mat itself is made from oil cloth and folds up when not in use. We got the Olive grey with star design and it looks fab. I’m even considering buying the oil cloth in a large enough strip to use as a table cloth. 

 Messy-Me offer great products including high chair covers, clutch bags and tunics all made from oil cloth so make cleaning quick and easy for busy mums and dads.

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