milkscarfI really wanted to breastfeed my little one but felt really self-conscious when having to feed out and about. When I tried the Milkscarf, it meant I could feed discretely whenever I needed too without feeling flustered about doing it.

The material is a really soft jersey and the colours you can choose are lovely. I have the mink Milkscarf and this goes with pretty much all of my outfits. The reason I mention outfits is because one of the big selling points to this breastfeeding cover is that you can wear it as a scarf so you don’t need to worry about making space in your bag or forgetting it as it’s already to go!

With this said, I do think there have been some compromises because of the fact you also wear it as a scarf. I would personally like the looped neck strap to be adjustable as I found the strap a little too short for my personal preference. As it is, I found the scarf came up too high and I still had to lift the flexible boning to see my little one while he was feeding.

My only other issue is that I have to make a conscious effort to put the strap on the inside of the neckline so that it doesn’t show when wearing it as a scarf. The boning adds to the rigid design for feeding but it slightly hinders the use as a scarf; a small irritation rather than an issue with the product itself.

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I think this is a lovely feeding scarf and it’s well made and really soft but would use this more for times when I’m going out to a special occasion and have limited bag space rather than an everyday feeding scarf.

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