Mothercare My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow


I was struggling with breastfeeding (like many new mums) and after trying to manoeuvre various cushions and pillows to support me, and failing, my husband decided to buy me the Mothercare My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow as it was advertised as five star out of five.

The pillow is very pricey at £44.99. It features a stripy design with bumps to support baby’s head, a ‘silent release strap that adjusts naturally to all shapes and sizes’ and a pocket to hold feeding necessities like nipple cream, to name but a few.

It is also recommended for mothers who have had cesarean sections (of which I am one).  However, I just didn’t get on with it.  I couldn’t get my baby into a comfortable, close position no matter how hard I tried. I also found it very awkward to attach the pillow to me whilst holding a crying hungry baby;  I needed to stand up to put it on, then pick up my baby (at this point I felt like a candy seller in a theatre), then sit back down whilst trying to position it at the right height and then place my baby on top.  By this point I felt almost defeated  as I had used to up what little energy I had trying to position the pillow.

I probably used this product about 7 times before giving up and going back to normal pillows and cushions. This product proved to me that a high price does not necessarily mean the best product.  My breastfeeding friends bought a £10.00 support pillow and they were much more satisfied with their product than I was with this one.  This was a lesson learnt for me.


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