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If you have a baby/toddler, I’m sure your draining board looks as ‘interesting’ as mine littered with Tupperware, bottles, sippy cups, plastic plates, bowls and cutlery! As I’m sure most parents do, we used a tea towel as an extension to the draining board to hold all these items and this (along with probably being a little unhygienic) looked really messy and wasn’t hugely successful as no air circulated through the bottles etc. And the most irritating thing is it seems to be on a never ending cycle. Well as boring as it might sound, we have been trying out the Oxo Tot Bottle Drying Rack and Good Grips Compact Sink Set.

Even though Isabella is breast fed, she still has the occasional bottle when being looked after by someone else and I never really thought that I would need a bottle drying rack but this drying rack is so universal that I wish I had it sooner! We don’t just use it for bottles but use it for ALL of the weaning products and drinking products (including the insert to her high chair tray!) that Isabella gets through in a day – you can usually find the odd piece of adult cutlery on their too.

There are some fantastic features on this drying rack that seem such a simple and logical idea but I haven’t seen a product quite as good as this one. The winning feature for me has to be the base. It uses a tray with channels set in it to keep all the water away from the bottles etc and allows the air to circulate and actually dry the products while remaining sanitary. But more than that, because it has a tray, the drying rack can become an extension to you draining board and can sit on the worktop if you need the extra space (or it can just sit on top of your draining board).

The next idea I like is the removable draining cup for cutlery, medicine syringes, dummies or any other smaller parts you may need washing. It too sits on top of the channels so it doesn’t sit in a pool of water and the water can easily be tipped out. The only think I would have liked would be for the draining cup to be a little taller so I could easily put adult cutler in it too without it toppling over! (Not a real criticism as this is aimed at baby products but a thought nonetheless).

The raised spines, which look like ear buds to me, are fantastic and make this drying rack so versatile. They allow me to dry almost anything on here as they fit around the spines. They are also strong enough to hold up the insert to my daughter’s high chair which I think is pretty impressive. This has been so useful, as it’s too big for a normal drying rack and I used to just balance it between things to get it to dry.

It can all be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher which just adds to its list of pros! I’d like to see a few options for sizes for this product and think it’s a lot more versatile than its name gives it credit for.

I would certainly recommend this product again and again!photo

To add to the new ‘tidy’ look I was going for (and to help with my plea of getting a new kitchen), we started using the Good Grips Compact Sink Set. It does exactly what it says and keeps your kitchen sink looking tidy and takes up very little space.

The sponge with scrub is antibacterial and is a really good quality sponge; the only negative being you can’t get a replacement! The dish brush is also a great quality and the nylon bristles are safe for non-stick pans.

The base of the brush has a small vent to let water drip though so the brush doesn’t just sit in a puddle of water. There is a small lip in one of the corners so that the excess water can easily be tipped out.

The only small negative is that the base seems a little flimsy when compared to the rest of the product and when you take it off to clean the inside, it’s quite tricky to clip back on.

For a clean and smart looking kitchen sink however, this is a lovely set and will look smart too.

For more information or to see some of their other products, please visit: http://www.oxouk.com/


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