OXO Tot Feeding Products

OXOTOT2We’ve been testing the: Flip-Top Snack Cup, Divided Plate, Sippy Cup Set -7oz

Having started our baby led feeding adventure, and when I say adventure, I mean continual mess making, we have been trying out some feeding essentials from OXO Tot.

Lots of people who are baby led weaning will just put all food on a highchair tray but I have found that sometimes other feeing equipment is needed.

We absolutely love the Sippy Cup Set as it grows with your baby meaning that you don’t need to keep buying lots of new cups when your baby progresses to the next stage. When you first start using the cup, there is a leak-proof valve that you can use but we found Isabella just didn’t get on with this so we took it out and went straight to the sippy spout. Although it meant a little more mess at first, she soon got used to how much water would come out and takes things a little more gently now.

The thing that I like the most about this cup though is the training cup lid. It’s a transparent plastic lid with little perforations all the way round the perimeter of the cup which allows water to flow through without the worry and hassle of your baby tipping the whole contents out in one go and getting soaked. Even though Isabella isn’t quite at this stage yet, we have tried her with the training cup lid and she just loves it; the non-slip handles made it easier for her! For me this cup is just brilliant.

The Flip-Top Snack Cup is also a fantastic feeding product. Even though Isabella can’t use it yet, I am using it to take fruit or yoghurt out with us when we need to feed on the go. It’s compact and the lid stays shut so I can take this out in Isabella’s change bag without worrying that the contents will be all over the bag by the time I get to our destination.

When Isabella is old enough to hold it herself, the outside has a non-slip grip round the edge and the opening of the lid is a great size for little hands and fingers.

Even though we don’t necessarily need a plate at the minute, I thought it was quite a good idea to use one for certain foods and get Isabella used to using it. I think my favourite part of the plate is that it is sectioned off to take away all the guess work; it might seem like common sense to many, but I have been a little paranoid about portion sizes and what I should be giving Isabella to eat (I know at this point it’s more exploratory than feeding but it’s good to get in to the right mindset from the beginning).

I have taken off the green rim for now as it got in Isabella’s way when she would try and grab her food. I’m sure that once she has mastered the art of using cutlery, the stay put trim will come in quite handy and keep all those peas and beans on the plate but certainly when using this plate to compliment baby led weaning, it’s unnecessary.

The plate has a non slip grip on the bottom which has come in really handy; it stays on the highchair and doesn’t move around when little hands are trying to pick up pasta! All of these products seem really well made. They are sturdy and durable and even when dropped haven’t marked. They wash really well and I think we will get a lot of use out of all of them.

I would definitely use more OXO Tot feeding products and would recommend them for their quality and usability.

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