Totseat: Review (an absolute must for your changing bag)

Benjamin is at the stage now where he just won’t sit still unless he’s eating which is great fun until you go out and there aren’t any highchairs to be seen. Trying to feed a wiggling baby (who just wants to get on the floor to pick up the tiniest morsel of someone else’s discarded food) on your lap just ends up with food being smothered everywhere; from jeans and hair to inside baby’s ear – I mean I’m sure {Read More}

Review: HiPP Organic Baby Food

When Benjamin started weaning, we were offered the chance to review some of HiPP Organic’s jarred baby food. While I try to always offer fresh food when available, the jars really did come in handy when I needed to go out and about.  With my daughter, I followed Baby Led Weaning and it worked wonderfully, I didn’t puree a single thing and she ate really well from the start; I thought I’d do the same with Benjamin but he didn’t {Read More}

Messy-Me Messy Mat

With a weaning baby and a messy pre-schooler, dinner time can prove to be quite sticky. It never used to be too much of an issue as our old dining room was in the conservatory which had wooden floors. However, having just moved into our new house, the dining room now has carpet and we all know carpet and spaghetti bolognaise don’t mix. That’s where the messy mat comes in. We’ve been trialling the messy mat from Messy-Me and it’s {Read More}

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – the miracle machine!

One word- genius!!   When I initially received the Perfect Prep machine from Tommee TippeeI was excited as I had heard rave reviews about the product; however, I was also a little nervous as to how difficult it would be to set up- I needn’t have been worried at all though.   Before the first use of the machine, it has to go through a cleaning process for which clear and concise instructions are provided along with pictures to make {Read More}

The Collective Great Day Out Kit

With the summer holidays in full swing we’ve been sent an Essential Great Day Out Kit from The Collective to make days out fun, enjoyable and mess free. We have used our kit on several different outings now, including a day at the beach and a trip to Legoland; we’ve got a few more trips lined up too! Whenever you plan a day out, the likelihood is that there will be an element of travelling involved and whenever travel and {Read More}

Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillow

I’m always looking for a helping hand when breastfeeding and I have to say I have totally fallen for the Thrupenny Bits Feeding Pillow. I had a much larger feeding pillow from my first pregnancy but it didn’t stay firm and ended up being more of a hindrance than a help; in fact I use it as a back pillow more than anything. However, the Thrupenny Bits Pillow has been fantastic (I have the Classic Nursing Pillow Blue Stripe). It’s filled {Read More}

Yu! Great Tasking Healthy Snack

So Isabella is certainly at the age now where she knows a good snack when she sees one and sometimes, especially when you’re out and about, it’s hard to get them to eat a tasty snack that goes towards their 5-a-day but Yu! have come up with some great ideas that are tasty, provide energy and have no artificial flavours or colours in. We tried the yogurt covered fruit pieces which are small and easy to eat; they aren’t smothered {Read More}

Munchkin LATCH Bottle

Breast Or Bottle? A question lots of Parents ask themselves and the answer is simple; which ever works for you and your baby! We all know that healthcare professionals are pushing breastfeeding and that’s great, if you want to breastfeed OR if you CAN! But for some, it’s either not possible or they want to use a combination of both and this is where the Munchkin LATCH bottle is perfect. I wish I had these when Isabella was smaller as {Read More}

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, Graphite (First Impressions)

We were asked to review the new OXO Tot Seedling High Chair and we jumped at the chance as I love the OXO Tot range. Today, I’m just going to talk about my first impressions of the chair.   When it arrived I was so excited, I couldn’t even wait for my husband to get home to put it up; I just got it straight out and managed to put it together in minutes (even with a toddler around!). The {Read More}

‘Suckies’ the gourmet yoghurt for kids Review and Competition

The Collective launched their range of fresh yogurt pouches ‘Suckies’ in April and Isabella had the pleasure of testing these out for them. The gourmet yoghurt is probiotic, vegetarian, gluten free, gelatine free and preservative free meaning that there are no ‘yuckies’ inside; no ‘yuckies’ means a happy mummy and a happy toddler. An example of the ingredients from one of the puches are: Sassy Strawberry Suckies: Yoghurt (whole milk, skimmilk powder, pectin, live cultures [incl. acidophilus, bifidus, casei]), fruit {Read More}