aden + anais bamboo swaddles

These bamboo swaddles have got to be one of the most versatile and worthwhile investments for any new parent. I’ve used the super large swaddles for so many things and even now my daughter is 18 months old, I’m still using them. The first thing I used these for was a nursing cover. In fact my brother and sister-in-law bought me the Baby Cakes Cotton swaddles as a gift and they were brilliant. But the bamboo swaddles are so much {Read More}


I really wanted to breastfeed my little one but felt really self-conscious when having to feed out and about. When I tried the Milkscarf, it meant I could feed discretely whenever I needed too without feeling flustered about doing it. The material is a really soft jersey and the colours you can choose are lovely. I have the mink Milkscarf and this goes with pretty much all of my outfits. The reason I mention outfits is because one of the {Read More}

Snoob, The Stylish Breastfeeding Scarf

Breast feeding in public can seem like a daunting prospect for some new (and experienced) mums. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want the security of having something to cover up with just for your own modesty. For me, covering up while breastfeeding isn’t about other people (I couldn’t care less if people dislike what I’m doing) but I have always been self-conscious and with breastfeeding, it was no different. I’ve used a selection of different breastfeeding covers, some I {Read More}

My Friend Emily 9oz Insulated Sippy Cup

The Insulated Sippy Cup from Lamaze is suitable from nine months and is aimed to help aid independent drinking on the go. It is a lovely bright colour that my daughter loved and has a cute My Friend Emily design (one of Lamaze’s best sellers). The lid is really easy to get on and off. I have found some other cups with built in valves don’t have a screw top, making the lids fiddly to get on and off. The {Read More}

Milton Mini Soother Steriliser

Isabella, as well as many other babies/toddlers (I’m sure), has a bad habit of throwing her dummy on the floor just so she can see us pick it up; it became somewhat of a game recently and frustrated me when she did it outdoors or somewhere we weren’t able to wash it easily. When we tried the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser it made things so easy and stress free when I had a screaming baby wanting her dummy that I {Read More}

Bibisili Jake Giraffe Funky Silicone Bib

Piccolo Bambino (a rather lovely company who sell beautiful and contemporary gifts, as well as day to day items) were on the hunt for parents to review the Bibisili Silicone Bib and we were only too happy to help them. This flexible, silicone bib from Bibisili is a great design; the cute animals are eye catching and they look really cute on! As soon as I put it on my daughter, she tries to bite the bottom of the bib {Read More}

Oxo Tot Bottle Drying Rack and Good Grips Compact Sink Set

                If you have a baby/toddler, I’m sure your draining board looks as ‘interesting’ as mine littered with Tupperware, bottles, sippy cups, plastic plates, bowls and cutlery! As I’m sure most parents do, we used a tea towel as an extension to the draining board to hold all these items and this (along with probably being a little unhygienic) looked really messy and wasn’t hugely successful as no air circulated through the bottles {Read More}

Tommy Tippee Disposable Bibs with Crumb Catcher

One word for these; excellent! I bought them for a recent trip abroad to avoid having to wash or bring home dirty bibs. They come in a pack of 20 and have a crumb catcher that proved to be very useful. The design of the fastening is pretty standard (a sticky patch that sticks to the bib allowing a snug but comfortable fit around your little one’s neck). Compared to other disposable bibs I have used, these bibs provide a {Read More}

Phil and Teds Me Too Portable Highchair

After a trawl around the shops recently we decided to finish off our shopping trip with a spontaneous meal out. After ensuring there was a menu suitable for our little one, and after asking for a high chair we were presented with a Phil and Teds Me Too Portable Highchair. The waiter efficiently screwed it onto the table and invited us to place our daughter in. At first I was dubious as it was only bolted onto the table- so {Read More}

Boon Feeding

Boon Feeding If you love practical products but are also a sucker for anything fun and whizzy (I know I am), Boon feeding products are a must have for you. I’ve been trying out some of Boon’s Feeding range, including: Mush, Benders, Catch Bowl and Squirt (not only are they funky in design, they also have great names!) Boon Mush (a baby food processor) has got to be my favourite out of these four products. My initial impression when I {Read More}