Phil and Teds Me Too Portable Highchair

philandtedsAfter a trawl around the shops recently we decided to finish off our shopping trip with a spontaneous meal out.

After ensuring there was a menu suitable for our little one, and after asking for a high chair we were presented with a Phil and Teds Me Too Portable Highchair. The waiter efficiently screwed it onto the table and invited us to place our daughter in.

At first I was dubious as it was only bolted onto the table- so I placed her pushchair underneath her just in case- but my fears were unfounded; she sat comfortably in it throughout the whole meal and was able to use the dining table as her ‘tray’. She was close enough to the edge of the table that she didn’t struggle to reach her meal.

I was so impressed with the highchair that I asked for a makers name so I could look at the product further.

The portable highchair is suitable for babies 6 months until 18kg approximately 3yrs and Phil and Ted claim it can be screwed onto most tables (I did quickly read the warning and it can’t be screwed onto glass tables/card tables/plastic garden tables and unstable tables).

It folds away pretty flat so doesn’t take up much room. Its moulded counterparts will also fit into a Phil and Teds sports buggy parcel tray. It’s lightweight weighing around 1kg, and can be wiped clean.

I certainly feel this would be a good purchase if you eat away from home frequently or as a highchair to keep at grandparents’ house or to take away on holiday with you as it folds flat and is very light, as long as you have access to a sturdy dining room table.

I also liked the fact that because it doesn’t have legs it isn’t bulky and we didn’t have the staff members struggling to get round a bulky highchair.

The highchair could of also been screwed on any side of the table meaning if you’re short of space the baby can now fit on any side of the table meaning there’s more adult room. They retail at around £40-£50.

For more information, please visit their site:


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