Review: HiPP Organic Baby Food

When Benjamin started weaning, we were offered the chance to review some of HiPP Organic’s jarred baby food. While I try to always offer fresh food when available, the jars really did come in handy when I needed to go out and about.

 With my daughter, I followed Baby Led Weaning and it worked wonderfully, I didn’t puree a single thing and she ate really well from the start; I thought I’d do the same with Benjamin but he didn’t see it that way. Whether he just didn’t like the effort he had to put in or whether it was because he has baby rice from 4 months due to reflux, I’m not sure but Benjamin didn’t really enjoy Baby Led Weaning to start with. It almost seemed like he was too hungry and wanted ‘feeding’ before he was offered food to graze on.

 This meant I now had to try and find the time to puree food as well as look after both children, the house and everything else on top and some days, it just didn’t happen; I just wasn’t organised enough. HiPP Organic made it that much easier as I always had a meal at hand when needed. I just fed it to him at room temperature and hey presto, we had a happy Cipro baby again. I also found that when I knew I would be out at lunch time, it was easier to take a jar with me than worry about what he’d eat or if he’d kick off because he was too hungry.

So as much as I’d try and use my own home cooked meals, I didn’t feel guilty when I decided to give Benjamin jarred food as HiPP Organic food is made using organic ingredients which are grown in their own dedicated farms and then gently steam cooked to protect the nutrients and flavour intact. I liked the fact that while the bigger meat and veggie lumps were blended down, there were still small lumps in the food so it wasn’t completely smooth.

The food definitely had flavour to it (obviously not to my taste but much better than some other baby food’s I’ve tried) and Benjamin seemed to really enjoy them; his favourite was the Scrumptious Sunday Lunch – this always got wolfed down without hesitation.

HiPP Organic offer a wide range of baby food to offer your little one from 4 months and use only organic ingredients which are perfect for starting out your little one’s weaning adventure. They also have lovely mealtime and weaning tips on their website which can be handy!

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