Snoob, The Stylish Breastfeeding Scarf

SnoobBreast feeding in public can seem like a daunting prospect for some new (and experienced) mums. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want the security of having something to cover up with just for your own modesty. For me, covering up while breastfeeding isn’t about other people (I couldn’t care less if people dislike what I’m doing) but I have always been self-conscious and with breastfeeding, it was no different.

I’ve used a selection of different breastfeeding covers, some I like and some I don’t but the Snoob is different. What I like about the Snoob is the fact it can be used as a scarf to compliment your outfit and so you really don’t faff around when you need to feed – the cover is already to go! If you don’t want to wear it as part of your outfit, it’s so quick to pop over your head to start feeding.

The Snoob is a very generously large loop of fabric that is soft and comfy to wear. It can be worn as one big loop or folded over on itself to make a shorter scarf. But what impressed me the most is how much fabric there was. There is more than enough to cover both yourself and a wiggly one year old with ease. It can even double up as a blanket for baby whilst feeding it’s that big. As well as this, and possible one of the biggest attractions to me is because of the generous size of the Snoob, you don’t have to restrict your wardrobe to breastfeeding tops.

The Snoob scarf is available in four different colours – Cloud Grey, Olive, Dusky Pink and Sand. They currently retail at £25 which is about average for a breastfeeding cover. However because the Snoob can be so much more than just a breastfeeding cover (blanket, sunshade, scarf) it really does offer good value for money. I’ve even used mine as a scarf and snuggly blanket in the cinema without my little one around!

The fabric is beautiful and even after multiple washes (essential with little ones) it stays lovely and soft.

All round a beautiful product that will last well past breastfeeding and a lovely gift idea for a new mum.

For more information about this product, please see: Snoob

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