Mamas and Papas – The Baby Snug

baby snugThe Baby Snug from Mamas and Papas is excellent; it will grow along with my baby as the colour insert in the seat is removable. There are several different colours of insert including, pink, green and teal. The seat seems really comfortable and is very soft to touch. I have used this everyday since I bought it and have to say, I love it. It is suitable for babies who can hold their head up (approximately 3 months +) and lasts until they are toddlers. This seat can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The tray, which is included, is easy to put together – you just snap the arms on – and it’s perfect for giving baby little bits of food to try as it’s so easy to wipe clean. As well as feeding time, the tray is also great for putting toys on to keep Isabella entertained while I make a start on the cooking. The one downside – she does keep knocking or throwing the toys off the tray which inevitably means have to retrieve them. However, there is a solution to this – Mamas and Papas have brought out a play tray with a large suction cup to stick to the tray (this is however an additional £15).

What could be better?

There are a couple of things that could make this product even better – a handle at the back of the seat. Even though this seat is very light, it is quite chunky and awkward to carry. And the other thing that I feel is missing, is the ability to fix it to another chair. If it came with some sort of strap to hook around a dining chair and thus make it more of a high chair, this would be fantasic. Instead, you can only use this product on the floor or in the middle of a sturdy table (obviously while being supervised).

Overall, I like the product and would recommend it to others but think it could benefit from a few minor changes to make it perfect. For £39.99 it is quite expensive for something that can’t be used as a high chair but is a good product for those of you whose babies want to sit up all of the time as long as you don’t mind it being on the floor most of the time. As I have said before, I like this product and will use it at least once a day.


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