Totseat: Review (an absolute must for your changing bag)

Benjamin is at the stage now where he just won’t sit still unless he’s eating which is great fun until you go out and there aren’t any highchairs to be seen. Trying to feed a wiggling baby (who just wants to get on the floor to pick up the tiniest morsel of someone else’s discarded food) on your lap just ends up with food being smothered everywhere; from jeans and hair to inside baby’s ear – I mean I’m sure I’ve come home before and found remnants of sandwich down my top… I mean, seriously! This is where Totseat come in.

Well when I went out to meet a good friend, Laura and her son, we both luckily had out Totseat’s nestled in our bags because there weren’t any highchairs to be seen. We managed to set these portable Totseat’s up in a matter of seconds they are that straightforward and once we had the troublesome duo strapped in, we could start looking at the lunch menu.


 What I really love about the Totseat is that it’s so versatile and can be used with so many different chair types. I never worry about where Benjamin is going to sit because the Totseat comes with me everywhere now.


Both boys looked really comfortable in their Totseat and were quite happy to stay in there for the duration of lunch. Of course they had Isabella entertaining them and ‘looking after the babies’ while Laura and I managed to slurp a hot coffee and scoff down a treat. It’s not often that we get the chance to actually socialise and talk properly but the half an hour we grabbed by making use of the ‘lunch time sit still’ was great.


 The Totseat is very functional and is fully washable which, let’s face it, is a necessity with most baby items, let along ones associated with feeding. It suits babies from around 8 months to 30 months as they can sit unaided really well but need the straps to hold them on the seat.


 It really couldn’t be easier to use – you slip the back over the chair (if you need to use the cumberbund due to a large gap in the chair, you put that on first), adjust the height with the poppers, lay the ‘seat’ out flat on the actual chair seat and put baby on top. Once baby is sat in the correct position, you simply lift the ‘seat’ up through the legs (as if putting a nappy on) and click the straps around the back of the chair before pulling the straps as tight as needed. If you haven’t used the cumberbund for a gap in the chair and you feel your baby could use some extra support, you could always wrap it around baby now.


This is such a genius idea and is so portable that it can literally go anywhere with you. It comes in its own bag so you can store it away quickly. It would be perfect for taking on holiday, on day trips out or even just for lunch dates. The Totseat comes in so many gorgeous designs too, there is sure to be one to suit your taste; we went with the Paddington design as who could resist but other favourites are the Totseat Washable Squashable Highchair – Coffee Bean and Totseat with Polka Dots – Multi-Coloured

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