Tomy Foam Cone Factory

We love a good bath toy in this house and the Foam Cone Factory is no exception.. There are some good old favourites like stacking pots which stand the test of time but then you get the battery operated toys which are great for a little while and then water somehow sneaks it’s way in to the battery compartment and it’s ruined. Well the Tomy Foam Cone Factory have all the allure of a battery toy without needing to use {Read More}

HIPP Organic Baby Care Range: Review

I’ve always been careful with the products that I use on my little ones, especially as Isabella has eczema prone skin (although this is improving as she gets older). To accompany this, while Benjamin is so little, I don’t like to use anything that might harm their skin so I was very intrigued to see what HIPP’s new Organic Baby Care Range had to offer. The HIPP Organic Baby Care Range has been specifically developed to be free from nasties {Read More}

Kokoso 100% natural and organic coconut oil

Kokoso 100% Coconut Oil Coconut oil is becoming more and more popular in the beauty and skincare market but if you read the label on most products, they aren’t 100% pure coconut oil and usually have perfumes and other nasties hidden inside. This is where Kokoso is different; it really is just 100% natural and organic coconut oil. Meaning it is more than safe to use on your baby to keep their skin soft and help alleviate any itching from {Read More}

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – the miracle machine!

One word- genius!!   When I initially received the Perfect Prep machine from Tommee TippeeI was excited as I had heard rave reviews about the product; however, I was also a little nervous as to how difficult it would be to set up- I needn’t have been worried at all though.   Before the first use of the machine, it has to go through a cleaning process for which clear and concise instructions are provided along with pictures to make {Read More}

Mustela Dermo-Cleansing Gel and Vitamin Barrier Cream 1-2-3

I’ve been using some of Mustela’s baby products on Benjamin for the past few weeks and I’ve got to say, the more I’ve been using them, the more I like them – especially the Dermo-Cleansing gel. When I first used the Dermo-Cleansing gel, I wasn’t overly keen on it as it didn’t smell of very much but on hindsight, that just goes to show that there isn’t any nasties in the soap-free cleansing gel. It actually has a nice smell, {Read More}

Oilatum Daily Junior Range

I love Oilatum’s normal range of bath products and after the doctor recommended we use it for Isabella’s skin last Summer when her eczema was so bad that the backs of her legs and arms were bleeding, so I jumped at the chance to review their new Daily Junior Range which is aimed at keeping her dry skin at bay. We received the most beautiful package of goodies to try out along with our Oilatum Daily Junior Range. There are four {Read More}

The Original Cuddledry Apron and Cuddletwist Hair Towel

So I’m sure most of you have heard of Cuddledry by now but this is the first time I’ve used the Cuddledry apron; We have it all ready for the new baby to come (I will update it with pictures and more details when we’ve used it with baby) but we washed it all ready to use and Isabella couldn’t resist it – and to be honest, neither could I! So after Isabella’s bath, and with a little help from {Read More}

Kids Stuff Crazy Bath Time Fun Review and GIVEAWAY!

  Isabella is a real water baby and always has been but there are certain times (like when we need to wash her hair and she doesn’t want to) when a certain amount of bribery is needed and I can’t think of a better bribe than SOAP! Kid Stuff Crazy offer some really fun products and they are practical too. Kid Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap (RRP £2.00)  This one was a little weird for Isabella to understand at first; she {Read More}

Cussons Mum and Me Baby Bath to Comfort  Snuffles

At this time of the year it is inevitable that someone (if not all of you) in the house will end up getting a cold and there is nothing worse than having a blocked nose before going to bed so I loved the idea of trying Cussons Mum and Me Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles.  It has a mild but noticeable menthol smell which I actually really like – it’s quite soothing really! It foams up and lathers really well and {Read More}

Poppin Penguins TOMY

For an added splash in the bath (I know it’s not always needed, especially in my house!) why not try the Poppin Penguins? They are bright, cute, fun and educational all rolled up into little coloured penguins (or a penguee in our house). The fun started as soon as I opened the box – Isabella couldn’t wait to get her hands on these little colourful friends and after I set it up the first time and showed her how it {Read More}