Cussons Mum and Me Baby Bath to Comfort  Snuffles

cussons mum and me baby bath to comfort snuffles2

At this time of the year it is inevitable that someone (if not all of you) in the house will end up getting a cold and there is nothing worse than having a blocked nose before going to bed so I loved the idea of trying Cussons Mum and Me Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles. 

It has a mild but noticeable menthol smell which I actually really like – it’s quite soothing really! It foams up and lathers really well and isn’t irritable on the skin. The vapour stays on baby’s skin and will help them sleep more peacefully and it even works for adults! I’ve had a cold for the past few days too and the steam from the bath and the menthol smell have actually helped clear my nose.

Cussons Mum and Me

Isabella has eczema prone skin and can sometimes really flare up so I am always very careful with the products that I use in her bath as some are just so harsh and drying on the skin, especially in this cold weather. If Isabella hasn’t got any flare ups, I’m more than happy for her to use a mild bubble bath as she loves playing in the bubbles and I just can’t say no! With any product that foams, there will always be a chance of it irritating the skin but I have to say, we’ve used this product for a few nights in a row and it hasn’t made Isabella’s skin dry at all. It is hypoallergenic and paediatrician approved too so you know that it’s going to be kind on the skin.

I really like this product (as with most of their range!) and will continue to use and buy this in the winter months.

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