Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat

Huggies hygiene matI love taking Isabella swimming and she really loves the pool. It’s great taking her when the weather is warm but I particularly like going when the weather is miserable as it doesn’t matter about getting wet and gives you a fab indoor activity. We’ve taken Isabella swimming since she was about three months and her confidence is growing constantly. The only thing that irritates me about swimming (especially now Isabella is walking) is the changing room palaver.

Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat has genuinely made getting dressed after swimming a lot easier. Not only can it be used on the change table as a hygienic changing mat, but after you have dressed your little one, they can sit on it or stand on it on the floor. The non-slip bottom makes it safe for them and the thick, padded design means it’s a comfy mat which will keep them off the wet floor.

The thing that makes this mat perfect for the pool (or the beach) is the fact it folds up into its own waterproof pocket so it won’t make everything else in your bag wet or dirty.

We haven’t tried it at the beach yet but it really would make a great changing mat when you’re on the sand. It is compact enough to fit in your bag and is perfect for sitting on so your little one doesn’t get sandy when they are drying off.

The Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat could also be used in the garden when your baby is splashing in the paddling pool or as a bath mat (we all know how much water they can get everywhere!).

To make this mat even better, it’s machine washable so is really easy to keep clean and it comes in two funky designs, frog or penguin.

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