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I love Oilatum’s normal range of bath products and after the doctor recommended we use it for Isabella’s skin last Summer when her eczema was so bad that the backs of her legs and arms were bleeding, so I jumped at the chance to review their new Daily Junior Range which is aimed at keeping her dry skin at bay. We received the most beautiful package of goodies to try out along with our Oilatum Daily Junior Range.


There are four new products in their range including: Junior Bath Foam (Isabella’s favourite), Head to Toe Wash, Junior Shampoo and Junior Moisturising Lotion.

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These products are so soft that they are suitable for use with babies from day one although I’m not sure I’d use anything for the first few days/weeks unless necessary. They use mild and gentle cleanser in their products and the mineral oil formulation helps to keep the moisture locked in to baby’s skin.

We have always had a bath routine at bedtime and sometimes that can actually attribute to some of the dryness of little one’s skin but we found using Oilatum meant we could continue to include baths in Isabella’s daily routine and not worry about how dry it would make her skin.

I’ve always been told that any product that lathers is less kind to the skin which made me a little apprehensive about the quality of the Junior Bath Foam but I have to say, even with the foamy bubbles, I really could feel a difference in Isabella’s skin. Her skin was left really soft to the point that I didn’t feel it was necessary to moisturise her after. I really was blown away with the results.

oilatum bubbles 2

oilatum bubbles

The lotion is so soft and smells great too. I’ve even been known to pinch a little to put on my expanding baby belly after a shower and it really soothes any itchiness I have from the tightening skin.

The Head to Toe Wash again leaves skin feeling moisturised and silky soft after use and Isabella has loved using it with her little fish sponge we were given as an extra treat from Oilatum. The range has really helped in these dry, wintery months.

oilatum fish

I’ve never had a problem with Isabella’s scalp being dry but we gave the shampoo a go as well and it’s lovely. I can’t say it’s made her hair any softer than usual but it lathered up well and washed out easily leaving her hair clean and fresh.

oilatum hair


Oilatum’s new Daily Junior Range is aimed at preventing dry skin, not as an eczema treatment.

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