Poppin Penguins TOMY

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For an added splash in the bath (I know it’s not always needed, especially in my house!) why not try the Poppin Penguins? They are bright, cute, fun and educational all rolled up into little coloured penguins (or a penguee in our house).

The fun started as soon as I opened the box – Isabella couldn’t wait to get her hands on these little colourful friends and after I set it up the first time and showed her how it works, spend 20 minutes playing with it on the lounge floor! She would giggle every time the coloured launch pads popped up (even if she hadn’t managed to put the penguin on yet). Because the fish button that activates the launch pad is so easy to push and it’s close proximity to the launch pads means that Isabella quite often sets the music and the popping sequence off before she has managed to get all the penguins on their Iceberg but for her, this just adds to the fun. In fact for 5 minutes she was absolutely fine playing with just the Iceberg!photo 2 (9)

The fun doesn’t stop with education, especially at this age and Isabella has been learning to count and can identify quite a few colours now so we’ve been reinforcing this learning through playing with the Poppin Penguins.

When she’s a little bigger, it will be great to help with number recognition as well as the four penguins have the numbers printed in bold on their tummies – I think I’d be flogging a dead horse by trying to teach Isabella this at the moment but can certainly see its potential.

Although it doesn’t bother Isabella in the slightest, I’d have liked the penguins to pop in a random order to add to the surprise of which would go first as you’d still be able to count as the penguins plopped into the water.

A fun, interactive and interesting bath toy that more than one person can play with (including the parents!) at just £16.99.photo 4 (3)


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