Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – the miracle machine!

One word- genius!!


When I initially received the Perfect Prep machine from Tommee TippeeI was excited as I had heard rave reviews about the product; however, I was also a little nervous as to how difficult it would be to set up- I needn’t have been worried at all though.


Before the first use of the machine, it has to go through a cleaning process for which clear and concise instructions are provided along with pictures to make it easier for the sleep deprived parent to complete! This process doesn’t take long and is then ready for its first use.


The water tank has a water filter that should last approximately 3 months, is filled with water (and topped up when necessary). You then turn the dial to the required size feed, 4 fl oz – 11fl oz. An amount of hot water is then dispensed into the bottle. You then remove the bottle, measure the correct number of scoops of formula for the feed, shake until the formula has dissolved and then place the bottle back on to the bottle stand for the remainder of the water to be dispensed add the teat and you are ready to feed.


The bottle stand on the machine is adjustable which means you can fit any make or model of bottle. This has been a great feature for me as I am having  to use a  specific bottle due to a colicky baby at the moment. The machine also comes with a free Tommee Tippee bottle and lid which I’m sure will come in handy after the colic clears up.
The machine also has a descaling process and has a warning light when this needs to be completed. Living in a hard water area, this is really important to me as I wouldn’t want the performance of the machine to be affected by lime scale. I was really impressed with thee warning light feature as it’s not something I would have thought about but actually makes my life easier.

There is also a warning light to indicate when the filter needs to be replaced. Again, this is a bonus feature that I love because as a sleep deprived parent, I don’t always think about the little things that need doing but it’s really an important feature in such a hard water area as this.


I received the black edition Perfect Prep which is aesthetically pleasing. I love the sleek design and the black colour as it looks more like a coffee machine than a bottle maker and doesn’t look out of place at all. It doesn’t take up a great deal of room either, like I have said before, it’s a similar size to a nice coffee machine you would have at home.


I think this machine has been an absolute godsend and I really wish this had been around when my first child was born – no more boiling the kettle, waiting, running under the cold tap, waiting again, testing on wrist etc…


I have a perfectly prepared bottle in just a couple of minutes; it literally does what it says on the tin!


I would strongly recommend this product to any parent who formula feeds.



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