Tomy Foam Cone Factory

We love a good bath toy in this house and the Foam Cone Factory is no exception..

There are some good old favourites like stacking pots which stand the test of time but then you get the battery operated toys which are great for a little while and then water somehow sneaks it’s way in to the battery compartment and it’s ruined.

Well the Tomy Foam Cone Factory have all the allure of a battery toy without needing to use batteries! I really love that this toy is so simple but so much fun. All you need is a little baby wash, some water and your imagination and the children will happily play until the water is cold.

The overall design of the Foam Cone Factory is great. It’s big enough that toddlers can use it with ease but not so big that it takes over your entire bath. I really enjoy the fact that you can have it on the wall rather than the bath itself too ensuring plenty of room for multiple bottoms in the bath. The suction pads stick well to the tiles in the bathroom; although I did find that it worked better the second day after it had time to dry out – the first night it was a little slippery. Once it’s on, make sure you have plenty of hot water as your little one won’t want to get out the bath!

What’s in the box?

You get the Foam Cone Factory itself along with three ice cream cones and a sprinkles shaker. There is enough in the box to share between two children but I know my two love a little spoon so it would have been great if this came with an ice cream tub and a few spoons too.

That aside, the children have loved playing with their new ice cream factory. I know a couple of people have found getting the consistency of the foam right (I know the first day we tried it out, the children were so excited that they just kept adding more and more water!) but we have found that the ratio of 1:4 baby bath wash works brilliantly. The instructions recommend you use baby products so that it’s kinder to the skin. Tomy do state that foam consistency will vary depending on product used so it’s best to try out a couple of ratios to find out which works best for you.

The Foam Cone Factory handle is really easy to pull down so both children can work the factory easily (although Isabella given the chance will always be in charge!) It’s brilliant for roleplay and engages both the children for the entire bath. Benjamin often doesn’t want to get out the bath now and has to be bribed!

The children have played with this bath toy every day since it arrived and I can see it might even make its way outside during the summer months too. I would definitely recommend this as a fun, engaging bath toy that doesn’t need batteries!

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