Armadillo Flip XT: Review

Armadillo Flip XT: compact fold

After using a huge travel system with my first child, I really had to reconsider the buggy/pram that I bought for baby number two. I really wanted to get something that I could use from birth and would last but it also had to be compact enough to fold up in the boot to allow me to take other things out with us like a trike/scooter or even just so I had some space for when I went food shopping. I wanted something that was going to be practical and sturdy and thought I had found the answer with the Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT but 10 months on, I’m not so sure.

This buggy was perfect in the beginning; it’s compact and sturdy while being able to lay completely flat making it suitable from birth and the seat is more than big enough to last until Benjamin is three (if we wanted to use it that long). The seat is nicely padded and looks really comfortable. Isabella even tried it out for me to give me her opinion and she loved how high she was compared to a stroller as well as how padded the seat was. The Armadillo Flip XT looked really smart and I loved the overall feel of it I see most using the Mamas & Papas Armadillo XT Pushchair – Teal Tide but I prefer the aubergine colour myself.

Armadillo Flip XT: large hood The 5 point harness is very secure and easy to fit together; the button is also too hard to push for children so they wouldn’t be able to unlock it at all. There are padded shoulder straps for added comfort that match the seat fabric.

Armadillo Flip XT: 5 point harness

parent and world facing buggy

The buggy can easily change from rear to forward facing to suit your preference; all you do is slide the two buttons either side of the seat unit, lift and flip the seat around. It clicks back into the frame and away you go. This was a must on the buggy checklist for me as I love having a parent facing buggy, especially when baby is so tiny but inevitably they will want to face the world at some point so having the choice to switch was a must.

The hood on this buggy is also a great bonus. I think it’s only after your first baby, you realise what’s actually important in a buggy and for me, having a large hood was another must. It gives cover from sun, wind and rain and gives baby the perfect place to take a snooze undisrupted too. This hood has a magnetic window that you can look through so as not to disturb baby at all when they are sleeping.

The other great element of the buggy is the basket. It has a giant basket underneath that has more than enough room to hold shopping or your changing bag, whatever you need really. It’s fantastic to have such a big storage compartment, especially as the handle is a bar handle that you can’t easily hang things on.

Armadillo Flip XT large basket One of the major differences between the XT and the older model is the height adjusting handle bar. I’m pleased I went with this option as I have it pulled out to its maximum to make it the right height for me. I do however feel it could offer more length. For taller people, the handle isn’t really long enough and there are other buggies on the market with better extending handles.

Armadillo Flip XT: extendable handle Now the actual folding element of this buggy is meant to be a one handed, easy to do whilst holding your toddler type of buggy. In reality, it’s not always that easy. While it can be done with one hand, a lot of the time the twist section of the handle (the release mechanism) gets a little stuck and requires you to wiggle it around a few times before it actually collapses. Another interesting point to make is that it folds so much better when it’s forward facing; while it does collapse when parent facing, it is bulkier and the clasp to hold it shut doesn’t always stick. I don’t feel this was advertised properly when I bought the buggy.

I didn’t think this was a major issue at first, we just swapped the buggy to its forward facing position before collapsing but after a few months of doing this, the buggy seemed to feel the wear and tear. In fact, we actually ended up getting a replacement as the seat section of the buggy wasn’t clicking in to the frame securely anymore and it actually tipped backwards with my son in it (luckily he was strapped in). The buggy was replaced the next day so that Mamas and Papas could investigate. I don’t know the outcome of the investigation.

We have now had our replacement buggy for a few months and even though we don’t often switch the seat over, I have started to notice the same issue with the seat not clicking in properly when you open it up from its folded position. Benjamin is only 9 and a half months old so this really shouldn’t be a problem. I now have to check it’s secure by pushing down on the seat in several places once opened to ensure I hear the double click which ensures the seat is secured.

The wheels are my next bone of contention; they seem to stick in odd positions and can make pushing the buggy really difficult. I notice it the most on smooth surfaces, especially shopping centers etc but I feel like I’m constantly battling to steer this buggy sometimes. The drive of a buggy is a really big deal to me and I have to say I’m more than a little disappointed with the way this buggy handles just 4/5 months after purchase.

Now I love Mamas and Papas as a brand. In fact, I have brought all of my nursery furniture, high chairs, travel system and more from them and their customer service is usually second to none but I have to say I am really beginning to regret spending such a lot of money on this buggy as its performance is just deteriorating. I really did love this buggy to start with but you know things are bad when you start eyeing other buggies in the shopping center…

Has anyone else found this? What buggy do you recommend?


Please see here for the Mamas and Papas RECALL notice for the Armadillo Flip XT.


  1. I have been looking at geting this buggy but I keep hearing mixed reviews. What a shock about it tipping up too. Think I might look at something else.

  2. This buggy looks great, I will definitely show this review to my friend who is expecting a baby soon 🙂


  3. Oh I love this and the colour is gorgeous too

  4. I am a Mamas and Papas fan too but I would not recommend this buggy. The seat has collapsed on me twice now, and the second time was after I tried my best to ensure it was secure. My son is only 1O weeks and it made me feel awful. Needless to say I’m no longer using it. I also find this buggy is heavy to push/steer and it us niol easy to get up curbs. The basket, while big, is hard to access and it Is fiddly to put up and down. Great concept but it just doesn’t work. I have gone back to my old Sola.

  5. The tipping is a big problem! Our buggy first tipped with our 8 month old and she was not fully strapped in. I managed to catch her, and it did not do it again for awhile so thought it was user error. Now one month on, I cannot get the seat to click in properly without at least 5 or 6 attempts and it does not feel secure. The steering is also almost impossible with one hand unless or a straight smooth surface. Thanks for the blog, I was not sure if any one else was experiencing the same problem or if we just had a faulty frame.

    • I can’t believe this isn’t just a one off. I was hoping, like you that it was just a dodgy frame as I never heard back from Mamas and Papas. Sounds like it isn’t though. I’m so disappointed with this buggy on so many levels and the issues seem to only get bigger as time goes on but can’t afford a new one! Maybe this tipping issue needs to be highlighted further though… Might take this back to Mamas and Papas! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Sophie says:

    I have the exact same problems – tipping back and really bad heavy steering. I noticed my friend (coffee in one hand, UppaBaby Vista pushchair in the other) effortlessly maneuvering around and so asked to test hers out. The difference is unbelievable. It was ridiculously easy and her son is heavier than my daughter. I feel cheated. We’re thinking about the Babyzen yo yo for travel reasons but the basket is just so small and the hood etc just doesn’t compare. What a shame.

    • I feel exactly the same. I wish I had bought the UppaBaby Vista too! I have two friends with it and it pushes beautifully. We just don’t have the money to spend on yet another expensive buggy! I agree with the BabyZeb YoYo too. Have you looked into the Mothercare one? I think the only thing is it doesn’t recline! I need to find a better buggy!

  7. Nicole Davina Bentley says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found this, my pushchair has just flipped backwards with my 5 month old daughter strapped in. All my husband did was push the pushchair on the grass and bang, she went! I’m absolutely horrified this has happened and I know it’s going to be a battle to get my money back 🙁

    • Hi Nicole, I’m sorry to hear this is still happening. I have spoken to customer services about this issue only last week and they seem to think that the issue of flipping has been resolved with the newer models. I don’t know whether you would get your money back, but if you are happy to try and get a replacement instead, they seem very accommodating to sending replacements from their newer range. I hope you get it sorted! I am currently awaiting my replacement so I will hold off judgement until it arrives. Please let me know how you get on!

  8. EXACTLY the same – chair flipping over, wheels stuck in one direction, handle to fold pram catches and cannot use pram in forward facing position as the plastic thread inside the pram has worn away. The chair has flipped over a number of times with our baby in it, luckily he has always been strapped in. The wheels seem to be stuck in one direction making it really awkward to push. The handle to fold the pram seems to get stuck making it a pain to fold. In fact we have even had the frame replaced once because I was stuck in the car park unable to fold the pram at all. Our son is one at the end of this month but these problems started within a month or so of using the pram. Really disappointed especially as it was so expensive. Thought it was just ours that was faulty but obviously not. Has anyone contacted mamas and papas about this?

    • OMG exact same here. Pram flipped when my daughter was 11weeks crossing the road in portugal, then it done it again I was fuming and was told they’d never heard of the issue but replaced the whole pram. Fast forward a few months and I was caught in hailstones in a carpark unable to fold the thing. Again they’d never heard of this issue but sent the chassis away for repair. Got a phone call yesterday from Mum to say that the pram had collapsed back with my little girl sleeping it. I’ve been away and haven’t had time to inspect the pram but needless to say I’ll be looking my money back or complaining to watchdog. This is going to end up with a baby with head injuries.

  9. Nicole Davina Bentley says:

    I’m really concerned about this pushchair and the flipping technology. Mine is currently at M&P being investigated. I asked them if I could have another M&P product without the flip technology but they said no 🙁 I really don’t want to put my daughter back in it but can’t afford a new one..

    • Try Tweeting them – You might have better luck? The people I have spoken to have seemed quite open to discussing options. I do know how you feel though as we can’t afford to by a different one either. I hope you get it sorted!

  10. Heather Marriage says:

    Exactly the same story for us – our mulberry coloured flip xt has ‘flipped’ 3 times now. I went into our local M&P store and told them that the seat was falling backwards whilst still on the frame… 5 minutes of hushed taking with the manager and she ordered me a replacement straight away of the brand new model. She said we weren’t the first ones to highlight this problem and that it seemed to only happen with this mulberry colour!!?? We are picking up our replacement this week but I am considering purchasing a different pram altogether – it was sheer luck that my 4 month old baby was strapped in every time it happened.

    • Oh that’s interesting to hear that it’s only happening to the mulberry colour… I wonder why?? I do know they have stopped that colour now as we are getting a replacement in navy instead but we had no mention of it only being one colour. I was told when I quizzed them about it that the number of complaints are minimal compared to the sales figures which, from a business perspective, I guess makes sense but from a customer point of view angers me as all children’s safety is important!

  11. Nicole Davina Bentley says:

    So upset, just had a call saying no fault found on my pushchair. The armadillo flip xt did flip on its own and all I want as a parent is to know my baby is safe in her pushchair. I have absolutely no confidence in putting her back in this as I’m sure no parent would either 🙁

  12. Hi. I have a armadillo flip (not the xt version) in a sand dune colour. I always have the seat facing me and never take it off. However when I put it up from folding away it ALWAYS falls back. It first happened in a car park and scared me to death! My baby girl was not strapped in as I was placing her in the pushchair and was about to strap her in when it flipped. Luckily my husband was with me and caught her. I hate to think what would have happened if he wasn’t there. It then happened again and this is when I took the pushchair back. They said it was to be sent off to be investigated and ordered me a new pushchair the same model. I was told that after the investigations this was the first time it had ever happened. However this has now happens every time with my new pushchair. I have to push it back and forward about 5 times before the seat is secure, however I am so paranoid now when using it. I am planning on taking it back and asking for a refund as there is no way I trust this product. I don’t know if I will get anywhere with a refund. But they are putting my babies life in danger and this is not acceptable! I am glad to see that this is happening to other people as thought it might be my error. Although obviously not at all glad that these other babies are being put in danger too.

  13. Aideen Donnelly says:

    Hi all, I have spent a lot of time these last few months looking and reading reviews about travel systems to try and make the right choice as they are such bug money. I thought I had ticked all of my boxes with the armadillo flip xt yesterday from my 10th time in my local M&P store. Just so i understand, when you say the pushchair flipped back do you mean you had it sitting up and it fell back on its own? I’m a newbie on everything and appreciate all the advice. Where can i go and look at the Uppababy Vista? Thanks!

    • Yes Aideen, when you open up the buggy and it ‘clicks’ and locks in to the chassis, the seat shouldn’t then move. It appears though that many (myself included) are finding that the seat doesn’t lock into the chassis properly and flips backwards on itself as if you were trying to collapse the buggy for storage.

  14. Can’t believe I have found this thread as I have had the same thing happen to me three times. Thankfully my little boy was always strapped in. I have raised with mamas and papas and the retailer I purchased it through today, I have also put it on Twitter. I would like to escalate this further so would be very grateful if u could send me your email addresses for anyone that this has happened to so that we have evidence of this not being a one off fault but a design issue. My email is

  15. I spent so much time researching this buggy and I thought that we found a great buggy… I have not yet had any issues without seat (touch wood) however we are having issues with the hood rubbing on the frame which is now damaging the hood. Has anyone else noticed this? I have been very unimpressed with M&P customer service so far… very disappointed!

    • Hi Fiona, it’s a real shame when you feel you’ve found the one and then encounter issues – I felt exactly the same. I did find that the hood rubs but didn’t notice any damage; we keep ours parent facing most of the time now and find this adds to the rubbing – when it’s world facing it doesn’t seem to rub as much. Which way out of interest is yours facing? I have just received my second replacement buggy from M&P so might be worth contacting them again. The newer model feels as though the extendable handle is taller too? Might just be me though??

      • Cara Buswell says:

        How are you getting on with the newer model? I too was considering buying the flip XT but after reading everyone’s experiences on here, I’m not so sure!

        • I haven’t had any issues so far with the newer model – It’s a great buggy if it doesn’t go wrong!!

          • Cara Buswell says:

            Thank you. I see from their website that all new purchases should be ok! As I have a few months to go I think I shall wait a while and see if the issue occurs again with new purchases. Such a shame – I love the pushchair!!

    • HI Cara,
      Is it still going well? I just ordered mine yesterday after watching tons of positive video reviews. How did I miss this page??

      • Mamas and Papas insists the new push chairs are fine. But their customer service is horrible, I barely believed a thing she said.

    • Yes I had our hood replaced……m and p said they had had several get squashes out of shape in transit

  16. I too am disappointed with my pushchair and am now greatly concerned in case it starts to flip back! I have had replacement wheels as they started rattling and the replacements are now rattling too, which make the pushchair sound and feel cheap. The front wheels lock easily which makes it difficult to steer. The ‘bones’ of the hood are not straight so that also looks cheap now and this is NOT a cheap pushchair! Interesting to read that others have also had issues… has anyone been successful in getting a refund? I can’t see it lasting until my child is 3!

  17. I have recently purchased an armadillo flip and then came across the seat flipping issue on your blog – scared me a little as the parent facing option is one of the main reasons I bought the buggy. Have today received an email from mamas and papas essentially recalling these buggies for investigation of the seat catch that is apparently responsible. If you haven’t received an email from them – give them a call as it seems they acknowledge there is a problem and are keen to fix it.

  18. Please see this recall notice! Pass around and share please!

  19. Has anyone had any good experiences with the pushchair/pram? I have mine ordered and waiting in the sop then got a call to say it has been returned to be inspected. Have since googled and now I am so worried about it as I can’t seem to find a good word said about the pushchair. When we ordered it the reviews were glowing and I loved it in the shop – hence why we went for the flip XT. Now i’m so worried that we have made the wrong choice. Due in 4 weeks and the shop we purchased from unfortunately doesn’t do returns on ordered items.

    Please tell me someone has had a good experience – feeling hopeful.

    • I know a few people who quite like it but I’m sad to say, all of them have had one or two niggling issues with it. I hope now the major issue has been realised, it might stop all the negativity but I just don’t know which other buggy offers comparable functions? Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

  20. Claire Brighty says:

    I could have written your post. I have this buggy and have had lots of issues mainly in steering and also on smooth aurfaces as you say…wheels sticking at right angles to direction im trying to push. Also find the fold bar sticks. And the seat flipped back leaving daughter upside down altho i think safety recall may have sorted that. M and P have been good in replacing pretty much all parts…wheels, chassis etc but still same steering probs so now they have agreed to exchange for a different model so considering Sola.

    • Lisa Smith says:

      I have the same problems with the wheels sticking but instore they just said that’s how it was. How did you get them to agree an exchange? How long have you had the buggy?

  21. i have armadillo flip xt but the puchchair did not flip on its own, m&p sent me a new armadillo xt to he, but my problem is in the stirring and the wheels it was easier at the begining but now it becomes ridiculous in riding!!

    i have called them to replace it with another model and they said ok, i do not know which one is good sola 2 or what?

  22. Hi, I am thinking of getting the armadillo flip xt but after going through all the reviews. I am worry. I must admit that I like it a lot and the website said they have fixed the problem with the new products. I am wondering Shel how you getting on with your new replacement? Any problem so far?They are doing quite a good deal now so really tempted to get it.

    • So far, it hasn’t presented the same flipping problem but for me, the older models took a few months of ‘wear and tear’ for this to show. If you get a good deal and you’ve tried the model yourself, go for it. If you are trying to decided between two and the other has more positive reviews, I’d go with that. To be honest, if I could afford to buy a new one, I wouldn’t go for this again. I hope this helps.

  23. I thought after weeks of looking that I had found our new pushchair! Now I’m not so sure.
    I was looking to get one from the ‘reconditioned’ range. One that is ‘as new’. So ex display or just a damaged box. How would I know if it’s the newer model or an older one with faults?
    Has anyone found a pushchair with these features at a similar price?
    We currently have the Graco Evo Xt and find that the wheels stick constantly! And that is our reason for wanting a new one.
    Any help would be appreciated! X

  24. Because I’m in the states, I ended up getting an URBO2. The Urbo2 is beautiful! Ride is smooth, seat flips both ways, 19lbs and he naps like a dream in there. I do long for a one-handed fold though. It’s not possible to hold the baby and the stroller at the same time. If I was in the UK I’d probably go for the Armadillo Flip XT and switch to the URBO2 if there were any problems. They seem to be accommodating if you have access to them.

  25. but how is it possible that the stroller seat is flipping over when the child is on the seat?. on that video I you can see that if the seat is parent facing you first have to but the seat together and then fold it back.
    I dont have flip xt but I wanted to buy it. Do you have a video to show how the seat is flipping?

    • Sorry I don’t as I got rid of it in the end. The seat essentially unfolds and clicks into the sitting position on the chassis – the seat wasn’t locking onto the chassis meaning that it would flip back to the position it would go in to be collapsed for storage. Sorry I can’t be more help!

  26. Wow! Thank you all for this! Now Im not sure about my decision to buy their stroller…you have recommendetion for some other parent facing stroller? So rare to find it! Tnx a lot!

    • they came out with the flip xt2. that or the urbo

      • Hi, does anyone have any experience with the flip xt2? I’m thinking to purchase it but after coming across this page I’m having second thoughts about it.

        • They have fixed the issue of it tipping backwards. As of the durability- I’m not sure.. I just ordered one for myself and coming in the mail tomorrow so we will see!!!

          • I’d love to hear your thoughts on this once you’ve had it for a while please!

          • How has your experience been with the XT2? I just added it to my registry after comparing it to a lot of other options at different price points.

        • How has your experience been with the XT2? I just added it to my registry after comparing it to a lot of other options at different price points.

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