Babyzen YOYO

BABYZEN YOYOWe have been testing out the Babyzen YOYO for about a month and while it was lightweight and very, very small, there were too many niggles for me to warrant spending the hefty price tag on this pushchair; I really was expecting more from this stroller given its price.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic features on this stroller and if you have no storage or use public transport a lot, this could be ideal.
The most obvious pro has to be its size. I really was astonished at just how small this pram folded up – it fit comfortably in the foot well of my car. If you have very little storage, this stroller really might be your answer.

With its tiny size, this stroller is also lightweight; I’m not in the habit of carrying prams on my shoulder but, if I needed to (if going on holiday for example) I could carry it with its shoulder strap without it being too heavy.

It was so ridiculously easy to put up. I really could use one hand (once I’d fiddled with it once or twice) to just ‘pop’ it open. Ease of opening really is a huge strength for this stroller.

The rain cover, unlike lots of others I’ve used, is super easy to put on. It has two elasticated loops which pop on the attachment on the pram and it’s on – hey presto!
The fact you have to take your little one out of the pram to raise the seat after they have had a nap is frustrating and fiddly. I also don’t like how it doesn’t sit up straighter; my little one was constantly leaning forwards as it was positioned too far back for her to feel involved.

The canopy is really small but I realise this is due to how tiny it can fold.

Because of the way the stroller folds into itself, the back wheels are positioned too close together and I kept standing on or kicking the back wheel.

It hasn’t got a large basket for shopping bags or a large baby changing bag and you can’t really hand much off the handle either.

The handle isn’t height adjustable.

The price!

Overall, if you travel a lot, use public transport a lot or have very limited storage, this might be the stroller for you. If not, I wouldn’t buy this as an everyday stroller.


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