Diono Radian 5 – First Look

I’m sure we’ve all read about the benefits of rear facing for children which is why we are seeing an increase in extended rear facing car seats; it has been proven to be 5 times safer for children to travel rear facing. The Radian 5 from Diono has taken all this in to consideration and is the only car seat on the market that is both rear and forward facing while using the 5 point harness from birth to 25kg. You can read my full review of the Radian 5 here or continue to read the specifications below.

Extended Rear Facing car seat

Not only does this ensure your little one is as safe as they can be up to the age of 7, but Diono have gone one further and have put an exclusive fold mechanism in their seat so it’s easy to store and carry; this would be perfect for me as I look after a friend’s little one every Wednesday and at the moment have to haul an extra car seat in and out of the house and try to find somewhere to store it on a weekly basis (I’ve not found the perfect place yet!). The overall design is focused, of course, on safety with a steel frame and reinforced metal side walls with advanced energy absorbing foam and Safe Stop and Sipergrip harnesses; however, it also boasts straight sides meaning there is extra space across the back seat so all three seats can be used.radian 52

I love the fact that the seat can remain rear facing for as long as you wish and you aren’t forced into forward facing when your child hits a certain weight and you can choose when you would like them to forward face.radian

To ensure your little one stays comfy on their journey, Diono use a memory foam seat base as well as plenty of other padding (a newborn inset is available for your super tiny weenies too!).radian5

They Radian 5 doesn’t use isofix because of the weight capacity of the seat; isofix can only hold up to a certain weight (hence the forced turn around with other rear facing seats). Seat belts can hold twice the weight compared to isofix. This seat is installed by feeding the belt through the tunnels and tightening and locking in to place.

Diono are so confident about the quality of the Radian that they are offering a lifetime (10 years) warranty. The car seat will set you back £295 but that works out at just £5 a month!

I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried this seat as it really does sound exceptional! I’d love to try it out.


  1. I didn’t realise the statistics for rear facing car seats. A memory foam seat sounds very comfy too

  2. That looks fantastic! The memory foam us a great touch and it folds away so well 🙂

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