Mamas & Papas Ultima 9 in 1 with MPX Chassis – City Scape

Mamas & Papas Ultima 9 in 1 with MPX Chassis – City Scape

Bearing in mind my daughter Isabella is only 10 weeks old, my best buy to date has to be the Ultima Travel System from Mamas and Papas. I went for the Ultima with the MPX chassis because I wanted a slightly more modern feel; the Xcel chassis just looked too old fashioned for me. As for the colour, as much as I wanted the pretty polka dots, I opted for the City Scape because I didn’t know the sex of my baby when I bought it and also thought it would hide any dirt and therefore last if I had a second baby.

Ten weeks into mummyhood and I feel like I couldn’t live without this item! Not only is it a great pram/buggy, It doubles up nicely as her bed instead of a moses basket as she didn’t like her moses basket in the slightest. I don’t know if it just felt too unstable or if she didn’t like the rocking stand but she only used it for 2 hours before we put her in the pram. This 9 in 1 system comes with a very handy stand which is incredibly easy to use (just click in to place and away you go) and this meant that the carry cot was at perfect bed height.

While this is quite an expensive item at £899, if you can find it in the sale, I think it is well worth the money (currently on offer for £499 on the Mamas and Papas website). I have used at least one part of this travel system every day and find it so easy to use. The click and release system is fantastic and takes out any fussing when in a hurry.

The car seat attachment is really good if I’m popping into the shops as it’s small and lightweight. If I know I’m not going to be long and Isabella is asleep, I can just transfer her from the car to the chassis and away I go. While this is perfect for those quick trips, I still love the pram base because it is so spacious and she looks so comfy in it. Other pram bases just don’t seem to have the space of the Ultima and I constantly get compliments from other mums when I am out and about with it.

The other thing I love about this travel system is the fact you can choose which way all three of the attachments face (car seat, pram and buggy seat). I love looking at Isabella and so have her facing me but I’m sure when she gets older and we are going for walks around the park or to feed the ducks she will want to face away from me to look at everything going on around her. Either way, having the choice and being able to change your mind at the click of a button is brilliant.

The only downside that I can see is that as a pram, it is quite bulky and cumbersome and therefore takes up a lot of space in the boot; luckily I have a large boot so this isn’t a problem for me.

Overall I think, if found for the right price, this product is fantastic and a must have item for any mum!

Image: Mamas & Papas


  1. Got one of these for us, very good

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