Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle: Review

Having longed for a new buggy for what seems like forever, I was incredibly grateful to be offered the chance to review the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. The process from ordering to delivery was smooth and I was informed via email every step of the process from: order, despatch, delivery to the UK and finally delivery to my address. Although the process did take a little longer than if I had ordered from the UK, I have waited for other items to arrive longer. From start to finish the process took just over 2 weeks and I couldn’t have faulted the process. In fact, the buggy arrived before the expected delivery date.

The buggy itself

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is a brilliant all-rounder. I really didn’t get on with my previous buggy towards the end (which you can read about here) and one of the major irritants for me was how difficult it became to push. You certainly couldn’t have pushed it one handed. Well the Urban Jungle is amazingly easy and surprisingly light to push. I can easily manoeuver it one handed whilst being able to hold my daughter’s hand on our walk to school, trip to the shops or just to enjoy a warm hot chocolate while out and about. Its effortlessness to push makes it a dream to use.

So what makes it so easy to push?

The three, 12 inch inflatable tyres are probably the main component here, however, the brushed steel, solid frame and the suspension also play their part. As the buggy folds underneath the main seat, the frame doesn’t feel loose or unsteady in the slightest. In fact, I’ve been very much surprised at how sturdy it feels, especially on uneven ground.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle uses a 5-point harness which all have separate attachments. I thought this would be annoying as you have to click in 4 separate straps but actually, I really like it. For me, I find it’s less of a fiddle than trying to align the clips together and pushing them into the push button release and also means I don’t have to fight to get wiggly arms through a strap; it simply pulls straight over the shoulder and clips in. The only slight issue I’ve had is nearly losing the shoulder straps as there is nothing to really hold them in place.

I’ve never used a handlebar brake before but I actually prefer it to the more traditional foot-release style. This is for a couple of reasons: one, I don’t scuff my shoes (or in the summer hurt my toes because I’m wearing flip flops) and two, because it’s so easy to use and is incredibly sturdy. I now don’t end up kicking at the bottom of the buggy or have to kick at the wheels to unstick the brake, it’s great.

The actual seat

The seat itself is roomy and looks very snuggly. It has a complete lie-flat option which means you can use from birth, giving you excellent value for money and longevity of the overall product. The seat is very easy to put into the lie-flat position and seems to be very comfortable for my son.

The large hood is great and provides lots of cover from the sun (when we have it). It’s not the largest I’ve seen, but it is pretty big. I also am a huge fan of the magnetic peek-a-boo window. No more waking the baby with the sound of Velcro. One element that does irritate me though is that the rain cover doesn’t come with the buggy, it’s seen as an extra, luxury item.

Excitingly, the handlebars are very generous and accommodating for a range of heights. My previous buggy, even though it had extendable handlebars, still left me hunched over if I ever wore heels while pushing it. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle had ticked all the boxes in this department for me. It can be lowered if you prefer or can be extended to suit even the tallest of people.

This has to be one of the quickest and easiest buggies to assemble; you literally just have to slot the three wheels in, and you’re ready to go! It couldn’t be any quicker!

The basket was already attached when delivered and is a large, deep basket. My old basket was bigger but that’s purely because this one tapers in at the front to fit in with the three-wheeled design. I love how deep the basket is as how it has additional pockets within the basket. I like to keep wipe sand snacks easily to hand and these little side pockets are perfect for that.

The little drinks holder is also hugely useful. You can keep a bottle in there without worrying about it falling out or getting trapped when folded down. It’s a lovely extra to have on a buggy.

One handed fold

The one handed fold took me a few attempts to get right, but ones I’d sussed the right way to grasp and push the button in at the same time, the popping up and collapsing of this buggy is easy and not fussy at all.

Once collapsed, the buggy is quite cumbersome. Although there are so many positives to this buggy, the one thing I feel that lets it down is the size when folded. In the manual it suggests taking the front wheel off to benefit from a smaller footprint, but to be honest, I’m not going to do that every time I fold the buggy.

Even though it’s larger in size than my previous buggy, the general usability and functionality of it far outweighs this small negative. I leave the buggy in my boot so it’s not in the way at all, it just means that if we were to go away for a trip somewhere, we would need to use a stroller to fit luggage etc in the boot too.

Overall, I am hugely impressed with this buggy. It’s perfect for all outdoorsy people and will provide a comfortable and smooth drive for your little one but it’s also a great buggy for zooming round the city with too. It’s been a real pleasure using this buggy.

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