Phil & Ted Sport


I was lucky enough to buy the Phil & Ted Sport second hand as it is quite an expensive choice of pram, once you add all the accessories. I wanted a pram that was very easy to manoeuvre as walking was going to be a big part of getting my body back in shape after pregnancy. The Phil & Ted Sport definitely delivers in this department as the pneumatic tyres and foam handle makes it very comfortable to steer.

This pram is designed for birth onwards and, with an additional attachment, will hold two children. It also has a really good-sized basket at the bottom that is a big advantage compared to other prams. I have two covers, one for rain and the other is black material, great for shade (and sleeping).

There are only two negatives I can find. Firstly the pram is quite large and I have to remove one of the wheels each time I put it into the boot of our rather small car (wheels are very easy to remove). Secondly, it is quite heavy to lift but I thought this would be a good weight lifting exercise and therefore it hasn’t put me off.

Due to the adaptability of the seat, that gives the ability to lie a baby down in it and sit a toddler up, it is forward facing. This was the big compromise for me when choosing to have this pram although I can still see my little one by a peep hole in the top of the hood and I thought it wouldn’t be long before he would rather look at the world than me anyway!

I would recommend this pram if you have a good-sized boot (we are thinking about getting a larger car now), want to do a lot of walking and only want to buy one pram for pushing around up to two children.


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