Quinny Moodd Review

We were asked to try out the Quinny Moodd while we were at The Baby Show; while we obviously haven’t been able to test it to its full potential, here’s an update of what we thought.

Although it can be used from birth (as it can lie completely flat) to 15kg which is approximately three and a half years, we obviously only tested it out in terms of having a toddler in it. Isabella is two and a half and relatively tall but not out of the ordinary – I’m not sure she would still fit in this at three and a half.

quinny moodd

So Isabella was allowed to choose the colour and she picked the beautiful Blue Base– I really love the colour of this and wouldn’t say it was only suitable for boys either but you may get the odd comment of ‘How old is he?’ even if you have a girl?! This wouldn’t put me off choosing it though.

The stroller itself can fold up so it is relatively small. It’s very easy to fold and depending on how small you need it to go, you can always take the wheels off to make it even more compact. I personally would hate to have to take the wheels off every time I needed to store it, but the option is there if needed. It’s also got a very snazzy automatic unfolding frame – I’ve not seen this before and love my gadgets so really liked this feature.

quinny mood 2

Quinny mood 3

When set up, it looks really smart and Isabella was hugely excited to try it out. You can have the seat parent or outward facing (I like having this option, especially when they are very little) and it’s really quick and easy to make the switch, even when you are out and about! I think the thing Isabella loved the most was that the seat unit is a lot higher up than her normal buggy seat and she felt like she was more involved with her surroundings. She also liked the little t-bar handlebar that you can easily attach or detach as she had something to hold on to throughout the journey. I did have to take the bar off every time she wanted to get in or out but due to its ease, it was not an issue. The foot rest is also adjustable so you can ensure total comfort for your tot while they are out and about.

The Moodd is travel system compatible and comes with clips for a Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat but we didn’t try out this feature.

The shopping basket is the only thing that was a sticking point foe me. Because it’s not recommended to put anything heavy on the handles, I would rely heavily on the basket and due to the bar from the chassis going straight down the middle of the basket, I felt it limited the use of the basket quite considerably. I would have to buy buggy clips and hang things from the handle bar to make this work.

The pram was super easy to steer and manoeuvre around which was brilliant – I could easily use just one hand (which would be prefect when baby number two arrives as I could still hold my toddlers hand).

We did only try this pushchair out for a couple of hours and it was all indoors – as you can see from her face, Isabella wasn’t happy to have to give it back at the end of the day!

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