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The Must Have Extended Rear Facing Car Seat

I’m sure we’ve all read about the benefits of rear facing for children which is why we are seeing an increase in extended rear facing car seats; it has been proven to be 5 times safer for children to travel rear facing. I know I am not alone in wanting the best for my children and the Radian 5 from Diono has taken all the stress out of choosing the right car seat. It is the only car seat on the market that is both rear and forward facing while using the 5 point harness from birth to 25kg (That’s approximately 7 years old!) We’ve been lucky enough to get to review the Radian 5 and here’s the verdict.

Extended Rear Facing

Not only is this a comfortable extended rear facing car seat that ensures your little one is as safe as they can be up to the age of 7, but Diono have gone one further and have put an exclusive fold mechanism in their seat so it’s easy to store and carry. This fold mechanism is really handy for me as I look after a friend’s little one every Wednesday and have to store an extra car seat in the house for occasional use on a weekly basis. We also use the Radian 5 in my husband’s car when he picks up Benjamin from childcare but the fact we can fold it and store it away slightly neater than an average car seat makes it less hassle without the worry of compromise.

The overall design of the car seat is focused, of course, on safety; it uses a steel frame and reinforced metal side walls with advanced energy absorbing foam and Safe Stop and Sipergrip harnesses. As well as this, it also boasts straight sides meaning there is extra space across the back seat so all three seats can be used. This came in handy when we went on holiday with my parents as there were 5 of us in the car on the way down. We actually ended up putting Isabella forward facing for this journey as she got a little car sick rear facing for over 2 hours; with a 4 and a half hour drive, we thought we’d try and avoid any sickness!

Radian 5 rear or forward facing

My Favourite Feature

My favourite feature of the Radian 5 has to be the fact that the seat can remain rear facing for as long as you wish and you aren’t forced into forward facing when your child hits a certain weight.  You, as a parent, get to make the decision and can choose when you would like them to forward face. We didn’t always have an extended rear facing for Isabella and she was forward facing from 1 years – 3 and a half. She’s just made the transition back to rear facing and is almost 4 and 110cm tall. There is plenty of room for her to sit comfortably, even on extended journeys. She loves facing the same way as her brother and they both find the seat comfortable.

Radian 5 - happy customer

Radian 5

To ensure your little one stays comfy on their journey, Diono use a memory foam seat base as well as plenty of other padding. Benjamin uses the extra seat and side padding whereas Isabella doesn’t. There is even a newborn inset is available for your super tiny weenies too.

The seat uses a 5 point harness all the way through which I really love. Sometimes however, it can be a real pain to tighten the straps of a rear facing seat tight enough but the Radian 5 has come up with a great solution – they use a ratchet type system. Once you have pulled the strap relatively tight, you can then keep tightening by using the ratchet pull on the cord. This had made ensuring my children are strapped in securely easy.Radian 5 rear facing car

Why it doesn’t use isofix

The Radian 5 doesn’t use isofix which surprised me at first but because of the weight capacity of the seat isofix can’t be used. Isofix can only hold up to a certain weight which is why other car seats force you to turn your baby around. Seat belts can actually hold twice the weight compared to isofix so the car seat is absolutely safe, even though it doesn’t use isofix. The Radian 5 is installed by feeding the belt through a tunnel in the seat and pulling the belt taught before locking in to place with a special clip provided.

This car seat is really simple to install and that makes it perfect for your everyday car seat as well as an occasional or second car seat for your partner’s car or even grandparents’.

Diono are so confident about the quality of the Radian 5 that they are offering a lifetime (10 years) warranty. The car seat will set you back £295 but that works out at just £5 a month!

I really can’t recommend this car seat highly enough. We absolutely love it and give it our top marks.

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  1. What a wonderful review! We have also been lucky enough to receive the R5 for review and we were also very very happy with it. 😀
    Feel free to check it out on our blog along with tons of other car seat related articles. 🙂
    It’s always fantastic getting to know more parents who blog and also ERF!

  2. hi, I am really interested in this car seat. Could you please provide the dimensions when folded? I want to use it in the airplane and would like to fit it in a cabin bag if possible. Thank you in advance for any replies,


    • I’m noy sure of the dimensions folded I’m afraid and it’s currently in the car – it is however airline approved so you can actually use it in most aircrafts!


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