Tidy Freaks Gimi Car Tidy

Okay so I’m not the tidiest of people and as much as it pains me to say it, my car might suffer a little because of this; it tends to have wrappers and bottles in the foot wells where Isabella has a snack and then just drops the empty wrapper on the floor because she can’t reach through and give it to me. 

 Then Tidy Freaks came in to my life, and more importantly, into my car. As soon as it arrived we got to work and put it in the car. Isabella thought it was brilliant and loved him straight away. As soon as he was in the car, Isabella picked up the wrappers from the floor and put them into ‘Gimi’s’ mouth; she can’t wait to see ‘Gimi’s’ tummy grow!

I love that the inside of ‘Gimi’ is wipeable because we all know toddlers tend to get everything sticky and ‘Gimi’ isn’t going to be the exception!

Because Isabella isn’t quite able to reach ‘Gimi’ when we are driving, I have actually unattached it from the front car seat and instead he sits next to Isabella in the back of the car – that way she can still reach him when she needs to. 

 These bright, fun and lovable characters will surely help any little monster to keep the back of the car clean. There are three lovable characters to choose from: Gimi, Gorji and Graby. At just £15, these backseat litterbin buddies will help keep your car clean and tidy.

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