Caboo Close Sling

My daughter Isla is now 11 weeks old but took us by surprise by arriving early. In our first weeks it wasn’t easy for us to have the usual physical contact mums have as she was in SCBU so for Isla and I using the Caboo Close Sling has allowed us to catch up on much needed physical closeness.

Isla loves to sleep on me and I find she really settles well in the Caboo, plus it leaves me with two hands free rather than pinned to the sofa! I can get about and do what I need to while she rests and I can keep an eye on her and give her a kiss and a cuddle too – plus it’s very supportive and doesn’t pull my back. I often ‘wear’ her for over 4 hours a day around the house!

I find the sling easy to use in the newborn position and have used the feeding position a couple of times too – when she is bigger I’m looking forward to using the other positions.

The sling washes really well and folds away neatly so I can pack it in my changing bag if I need to. It comes in ‘man friendly’ colours as well, so hubby uses it with her too.

For me, the Caboo Close is the best used piece of equipment, keeping both mum and baby happy and is worth every penny of the £50!



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