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With a baby and a toddler, I have a lot of ‘stuff’ that I seem to need to take everywhere – but sometimes I don’t want to take a large changing bag. Diono’s Buggy Tech is the answer. I can take all the bits and pieces I need and I can ensure all my things are in the right place too.


 I love the fact that you can take the insert out to hold larger items as well as how easy it is to use. You can strap it to the buggy and have your things at your fingertips when needed but I’ve also found it’s great to strap to the seat of the car too. On long journeys I’ve put a film on my Kindle and put it in the clear plastic section of the Buggy Tech. Once strapped onto the seat of the car, Isabella can happily watch her film without dropping the Kindle or turning it off accidently.

The Buggy Tech means that I can keep my phone and tablet handy when I need them on longer journeys but also I can just whack my keys, purse, wipes and a nappy in it when I’m just popping to the shops and don’t want to take a full changing bag.

 As well as being fab at keeping my gadgets safe and to hand, when I’m not using it for my gadgets, it’s great for keeping snacks and water or cold drinks handy. I’d never use it to hold a hot drink just in case it ever tipped over (unlikely but never out of the question!). With a toddler, it seems I always need a snack or two handy at all times!

The Buggy Tech fits securely on to the pram/buggy with Velcro fastenings and it stays in place well. The Velcro is strong and secure and I feel confident that it won’t fall or slip off the buggy.


This Buggy Tech Station is a great invention and at £20 I think is a real bargain and a must have for busy parents who are always on the go!

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