A3 Personalised Art Frame

photo 2 (6)I’m sure, like me, many of you have kept your little ones art work but apart from the fridge (which is now full to bursting) you don’t have anywhere to display their work; well My First Years have some lovely personalised baby gifts – I have the beautiful Personalised A3 Art Frame (without glass) which you can use to display any artwork, even if it’s not flat because, let’s face it, not many pieces are just paint/pencil at this stage!

The wooden frame is really sturdy and beautifully made. It can be personalised with a message or name which looks gorgeous on the white background. I went with ‘Isabella’s Art Work’ without a date so that I can keep changing the art inside for years to come.photo 3 (3)

It’s got a metal hole on the back for easy hanging so the frame stays flush against the wall. Or you could prop it up on a windowsill or bookshelf if you prefer.

I wasn’t sure about it not having glass at first as I’m not used to a frame without but it just means I can include all sorts of different pictures and it also makes it so easy to change them.

It looks stunning on the wall – we currently have it up in the playroom so we can enjoy it everyday but it would look just as nice in the nursery too.

If like me you don’t fancy giving your little one chocolate for Easter, this would make a perfect 1st Easter baby gift. It comes beautifully packaged in a blue My First Years Box so makes a wonderful gift.

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  1. What a creative and unique idea! I really enjoyed reading your article, it’s so fresh. The way you mention in the beginning that this is just for fun makes me think of all kinds of people who would love getting one as their gift too – even if they don’t need anything else at present.

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