Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you and your partner do anything special for Valentine’s Day or do you see it as a complete waste of time and money?

I must admit that my husband and I never used to do much on Valentine’s Day, we’d buy each other a card but that was about it. We made the conscious decision not to celebrate it as such because our ‘dating anniversary’ was a week later on the 21st February. However, since we married in 2011, our anniversary has changed and we now find ourselves questioning whether we should stop celebrating our ‘dating anniversary’ and instead celebrate on Valentine’s Day instead.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we love each other and make a reason and time to celebrate the love we have with one another. While we do see each other every day, sometimes we are so busy and caught up with work, home life or just so bloody tired, that we end up sitting side by side on the sofa, vegging out in front of crap TV not actually talking to each other. So having a few evenings throughout the year to make you consciously think about doing something nice together can only be a good thing.

With this in mind, we do get each other small gifts, nothing too pricy and more often than not, it is a token gift. We’ve given each other date vouchers before (well my husband gave them to me after having our daughter so that we made time for each other at least once each month) and that actually meant an awful lot to me. But we’ve also been more traditional and done the flowers, jewellery and chocolates.

This year, regardless of whether we celebrate on the 14th or the 21st, I’ve got Ed some Peaky Blinder’s Whisky. We have only recently got into Peaky Blinders but we are really enjoying it so the thought of mixing this with Ed’s favourite drink was too good to miss. It comes from Sadler’s, a Black Country Brewery, and is a bold, smooth and triple-distilled Irish whiskey. My husband loves a good whisky so this is the perfect gift. He loves the smooth taste of this whisky and would definitely buy it again.

Ed knows how much I love personalised jewellery and over the years he’s bought be some beautiful pieces. Some of the pieces have been a lot more expensive than others but recently I’ve discovered and they make absolutely beautiful pieces that are very reasonably priced. I always wear earrings, necklaces and I sometimes wear bracelets for work.

So if my husband were to buy me any jewellery, his go to product would be a necklace and the sterling silver heart floating charm locket is such a beautiful and unusual design that it really caught my attention. I love how you can swap and change the charms over to completely change the look of the necklace. It’s amazing quality and a great price too.

Now I tend to wear the same pair of earrings for most of the year – it’s only special occasions that I tend to bother changing them. However, I have spotted these super sweet sterling silver arrow earrings and they are only £2.66! Who could resist these sweet arrows for such a romantic time of year!

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