Gift ideas for 9 year olds

With my eldest turning 9 at the end of the month, and with Christmas (I know I shouldn’t mention it yet!) not too far away either, I thought I’d write a post for some inspiration as I find this age quite tricky to buy for sometimes.

So, what sort of things do 9 year olds want? Well, I know mine wants a phone but we have vetoed that until she is 11. So what else is on her mind?

All things Harry Potter

This girl is seriously obsessed and has been for the past 3 years. Some of our top Harry Potter gifts include:

Tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Now, this has been on Isabella’s list for a long, long time but due to various different reasons, we’ve never got round to booking. As part of her birthday gift, we have now booked and are off this year on her actual birthday. We can’t wait to see absolutely everything that the tour has to offer.

The most amazing pop-up Guide to Hogwarts book. With so much attention to detail, there is so much to explore in this interactive book. You are transported to Hogwarts castle where you can then explore the Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forest and more. Matthew Reinhart has designed this book to be more than just a pop-up book though. After reading and exploring Hogwarts page by page, you can actually open up the book to form the entire Hogwarts grounds. This book is a wonderful book to look after and treasure for years. It is very delicate so might not be great for super young Potter fans but my daughter has had it for a few year now and LOVES it.

The Marauder’s Map guide to Hogwarts book and wand set is another brilliant buy. It uses blue light to find little footprints and reveals invisible ink secrets on the foldout maps. You can even create your own magical map using the blank parchment included.

As well as all the mini figures, Magical Capsules, Funko Vinyl figures and Lego, Isabella has really taken to the Barbie sized Harry Potter figures. She has a Hermione, Harry and Luna doll already but has asked for Ron for her birthday.

Rolling Around

Getting out and about is also top of our things to do and Isabella has had her eye on a new scooter for a while. We were kindly sent This JD Bug Pro Commute 185 Foldable is absolutely amazing. It features a new Duel Bearing System meaning it offers a longer and faster ride than any other in the same range. The wheels are a whopping 200mm and make the ride so much more comfortable, especially on bumpy terrain. The height adjustable handle bars from 74cm – 106cm mean this will last from now until Isabella is an adult. And being foldable means we can pack it in the car for journeys out without a problem. The only issue we have… now Benjamin wants one too!

It’s not just scooting, Isabella has her eye on a pair of inline skates. We haven’t managed to find the right pair just yet so we are going to look into this more for Christmas I think. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear from you!.

Getting Crafty

Isabella has always loved crafting and making and we’ve had various kids and craft boxes over the years which have been great. This year we’ve been sent a JUNKO Zoomer! Kit to try out. The concept is simple. You can dream up and make your own working toy vehicles using… you guessed it … your junk! You can modify the kit to whizz on the water by purchasing the JUNKO Water kit. We can’t wait to get stuck in and see what we can build. We’ve been saving all out recycling so we can make some epic inventions.

Also top of the list is a tie dye kit. We have been looking around for a while as some kids aimed at children haven’t got the best reviews. If you have a tie dye kit that you love, please share which you’d go for.

Fidget Toys

I don’t know what it is about fidget toys that all the kids seem to go mad for but my two are no exception. They love their Pop It fidget toy which is essentially never ending bubble wrap. I didn’t see the attraction until I was sat on the sofa and picked it up whole watching the T.V.

The kids have also kindly been sent some Tangle ‘infinity’ Toys which have gone down a storm. The concept behind the Tangles are their continuous motion will help to keep you feeling calm. The children usually play with theirs while watching T.V or they are great for in the car. New for 2021, you have the Tangle Metallics which is super bright and smooth, Tangle Crush which features different patterns, colours and designs and Tangle Pets which each feature a clip-on pet that sits on the bendy fiddle toy.

So here’s what’s top of our gifts for 9 year olds. Let me know if there’s anything you’d add!


  1. Well, I had to come back and leave a thanks. My 9 year old nephew was turning 10 and I wanted to gift her something that she would enjoy. I found your post and saw that kinds enjoy scooters. So I had to send her one.
    She loved it and now I’m probably her favorite uncle. Thanks a lot for sharing this information

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