Little Ragamuffin Height Chart

height chart2Every parent will measure how tall their child is getting and be astounded at just how quickly they are growing. But lots of parents will either draw a line on the wall or doorframe and not actually know the height of their child. Well why not use a beautiful wooden height chart to measure your little one? It makes a lovely addition to any child’s nursery or bedroom.

What’s so good about the height charts from Little Ragamuffin is that they are made from wood. The ‘Guess How Much I love You height chart is made from 12mm wood and uses a keyhole fitment to attach it flush to the wall. Being that it’s made from wood means that it’s less likely to show wear and tear and will last while your child grows.

The design and finish of this height chart is beautiful and it really does look lovely on our nursery wall. I can’t wait to actually start using it properly. When affixed to the wall, it stands 150cm tall.

It was really easy to put up – got the hubby to do it! Joking aside, it really couldn’t be easier. Just make sure you have a tape measure to make sure you fix it at the right height!

I don’t normally comment on the posting and packing but Little Ragamuffins whole service is fantastic. When our height chart arrived, it was so well packaged that I was taken aback at how much care had been taken – you don’t often get that these days. Great customer service and quality products – well done Little Ragamuffin.

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