Snapfish Premier Lay-flat Photo Book

Having a baby has changed many things for me over the months and taking thousands more photos is just one of these changes. I’ve always loved taking photos but having a little one has just sent me into overdrive. At first I printed hundreds upon hundreds of prints and used only a fraction of them in albums or frames, the others just sat in the bottom of my wardrobe but now I’ve found by creating photo books, I just pick {Read More}

November’s Nonabox

          I eagerly anticipated the arrival of box number three; I was thrilled with box number one but a little disappointed with box number two so I wanted to see if they had redeemed themselves this month. The first thing I noticed was it wasn’t as rammed with products as previous months. As I opened the box, the first item out was a lovely clutch bag changing mat from JoJo Maman Bebe. This retails at £15 {Read More}

FunPod Chalky

This is a brilliant product which really will keep your little helper safe when you’re in the kitchen. If your little one is anything like mine, she/he will want to copy everything you do and will want to be able to reach the worktops to ‘help’ you prepare dinners or do the cleaning. The product is a really simple idea but it works! Essentially it’s a small wooden box that your child will stand in so they can reach the {Read More}

What’s going to be under your Christmas tree?

With Christmas drawing ever closer and the shops getting busier and busier, I thought I had better get my shopping list together so here are my best buys for Christmas from babies and toddlers, to the biggest of kids! Isabella’s first Christmas was a really magical time but she was thoroughly spoilt by everyone as you can well imagine. If I could do it over, my top tip would be if people ask you what your little one would like {Read More}

Snoob, The Stylish Breastfeeding Scarf

Breast feeding in public can seem like a daunting prospect for some new (and experienced) mums. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want the security of having something to cover up with just for your own modesty. For me, covering up while breastfeeding isn’t about other people (I couldn’t care less if people dislike what I’m doing) but I have always been self-conscious and with breastfeeding, it was no different. I’ve used a selection of different breastfeeding covers, some I {Read More}

Sassy Bloom Gift Box

  Sassy Bloom is a new company based in London who state they are the ‘original personalised product box subscription service.’  The idea is that each month you receive a box of goodies tailor made for your baby’s age and gender.  Boxes start from £24 a month and delivery is free. The box I received was stated to retail at £40.  The presentation box was beautiful and it made me feel very special receiving this in the post.  However, when {Read More}

Nonabox Gift Subscription

After a long, wet day at work, I arrived home feeling tried, grumpy and generally not great but all that changed when I saw a large box with my name on it. When I opened the box, I was delighted to reveal another beautiful purple and silver box decorated with a hand tied bow; it looked so special. I opened the box to find it was literally stuffed with lovely products for my daughter. Included in this amazing bundle were: {Read More}

Natures Purest

If you have a baby, or know someone who does, you really MUST check out this lovely company naturespurest! Their products are made from 100% Organic Cotton (and they actually mean 100% Organic Cotton) meaning they don’t use any pesticides, chemicals or dyes either. Not only does this mean it’s great for the environment and your baby’s skin but I personally think it makes the products look more beautiful. I don’t know what it is about natural colours but I {Read More}

Little Pea and Bertie Contemporary Prints

Little pea and Bertie offer contemporary high quality prints for both adults and children, most of which can be personalised and they also offer a commissions service, should you want something more special. There are several collections to choose from including: Modern Nursery Art, Alphabet Art, Contemporary kids Art, Rock The Lobster Design, Typography, All You Need Is Love, Flag Prints and Limited Edition. The A3 birds on a branch print was from the ‘Modern Nursery Art Collection’ and the {Read More}

Little Ragamuffin Height Chart

Every parent will measure how tall their child is getting and be astounded at just how quickly they are growing. But lots of parents will either draw a line on the wall or doorframe and not actually know the height of their child. Well why not use a beautiful wooden height chart to measure your little one? It makes a lovely addition to any child’s nursery or bedroom. What’s so good about the height charts from Little Ragamuffin is that {Read More}