Top Tips to ensure your Christmas gifts aren’t a flop!

Picture the scene, Christmas morning arrives and “Santa’s been!” with gifts nestled under the Christmas tree. The children can’t wait to open their gifts and feverishly rip the wrapping to pieces to find their beloved gift. They are so happy but after 5 minutes, the toy is discarded under some wrapping and the novelty has already worn off. Gutting. There’s no worse feeling than this which is why top toy designers have been in touch with Wicked Uncle to explain just how to make a top hit toy for Christmas that won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth. Make sure you check it out.

I speak from experience here as this has happened to me a couple of times now and it leaves me feeling so frustrated. The first time I thought the toy would be a one hit wonder but hoped more than anything that I’d be proved wrong. And because it was really the only thing Isabella wanted that year and the only thing she’d asked Santa for, I really felt compelled to buy it. I didn’t want Isabella to think she hadn’t been good enough to get her wish but I also knew deep down it was going to be a waste. So how, as parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents, can we avoid this?

Avoid lists off the television

I trialed a method last year and thought I’d give it another go this year too. I decided to try and avoid letting the children write their Christmas lists from the toys they see on the T.V. One thing I’ve found is that children tend to want what they see. It doesn’t necessarily matter if they think it’s good or not, it’s on the T.V and it looks spectacular so they want it.

Get Playing

What we now do is visit actual shops first of all to get some inspiration. There is nothing better than actually being hands on with toys. Lots of the toys shops locally to us will have certain toys out on display which the children can physically touch, play with and see. Sometimes the glamour of the toy on T.V. is taken away when the children see it in the flesh. I also find, once the children have played with a toy and seen for themselves, they will see whether or not it’s got playability for them.

Having touched and played with the toys, get the children to write down their favourite 5 or so toys with a reason why. If they don’t know why, they likely won’t play with it much.

Get online

Once you have seen lots of toys in the flesh, you’ll be able to see the types of toys that interest your child. But there are so many other options online that aren’t necessarily in the shops. My next tip is to go online to places like Wicked Uncle, which not only offer a fantastic service but have heaps of fun gift ideas and inspiration, and have a browse around to see what else is available.

Let the children navigate if they are old enough, or help younger children and read the descriptions to your children. Don’t go by image alone! Once you’ve explored age appropriate toys online, ask your children to again list their top 5 ideas with a reason why.

Leave the list alone

Give children time away from thinking about their list and after a week or so, ask your children what was on their lists. If they remember them all, ask them to prioritise which toys they would like the most. If the toy has been forgotten, either leave it off the list, remind them of the toy and ask them if they still think it’s a good toy to have and why and then get them to prioritise their list.

This should whittle out the tat and the one hit wonders and leave you happy that your selection of gifts will be well thought out and thoroughly enjoyed. I’d love to hear if these ideas helped you or if you have any ideas of your own.



  1. Some great tips here. We always talk about how they can write their Christmas lists but that Santa knows best and is very good at choosing as well. Wicked Uncle is always a good call – we had a wooden football game from there a couple of years ago and the boys still play with it now!

  2. Wonderful tips that I think we all need in our lives as this time of year.

  3. A great post, I am like a little kid at Christmas!! I am so excited already!! We love shopping at Wicked Uncle 🙂


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