Hartmann’s underpads – perfect for potty training!

With Benjamin almost ready to move into his ‘big boy bed’ and the thoughts of potty training looming, we’ve been getting a few things ready to help out with the possibility of bedtime accidents and Hartmann’s underpads are top on the list of items to get stocked up on.

If you’ve ever gone through the potty training thing, you’ll know just how hard it can be but for some, it’s not the day time toilet training that’s the issue, it’s getting your child to stay dry through the night.

While we had a few issues with Isabella during potty training, she really quickly mastered the night time control and has had very few accidents at bed time. That said, when it did happen, it was absolutely horrendous to sort out in the dead of night. All the sheets and duvet were soaked. Isabella was wet and needed to be washed. We tried not to wake Benjamin in the process but until she was back in bed, Isabella would just cry and want to be cuddled.

Cleaning up made quicker


Isabella was obviously upset and a little disorientated by the feeling of being wet and having had an accident – she wasn’t fully awake and just wanted to go back to bed. It was a two person operation to get her and her bed clean and dry again before we could settle her back to sleep. While we couldn’t take away the awful feeling of her being wet, we could make stripping the bed easier with disposable underpads. We would put two underpads down in Isabella’s bed as she wriggles around so much at night time, we wanted to ensure we caught the accident when it happened rather than just chancing it!

When the inevitable did happen, we stripped the sheets, took off the underpads and put them straight in the bin before laying more underpads down and putting fresh sheets on the bed. The absorbency was brilliant and we never had any leaking from them. Because the mattress was still dry, we could literally swap everything else and put Isabella back to bed quickly and with as little fuss as possible. She would stand in the bath and let us quickly shower her and would settle very quickly back to sleep.


Not just for beds!


The underpads aren’t just useful for bed time though – we have used them in the car seat when we were going on long journeys, or if the children were likely to fall asleep on the way home from a day trip. It gave us peace of mind and they could easily be folded up and stored in the side of the door when not needed. I even used one in the car when I was heavily pregnant in case my waters broke while I was driving! We also used to put one under the potty in the very early days as the potty was in the front room or play room and not the toilet. With an underpad underneath the potty, small accidents were caught and my carpet didn’t need scrubbing!

Hartmann MoliNea underpads are so useful and come in three different absorbencies; normal, plus and super. They also come in different sizes so you can choose the larger size for bed time or a smaller size if you want them for the car seats.


I can’t say that I’m looking forward to going through the potty training stage again, especially as people tell me boys are harder than girls  but I know that it will be less mess to clear up with Hartmann’s underpads.

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