Aquaint Sanitising Water

Vital Baby has come up with a fantastic 100% natural Sanitising Water spray. Its antibacterial agents kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds.

 I love the fact that it’s alcohol free and not sticky in the slightest; it’s a real multi-purpose sanitising spray and it comes with me everywhere now!

It’s suitable from birth and can be used to clean hands, skin, mouth as well as dummies, bottles and teethers; it’s so much more than a simple hand sanitiser.

I use it for both my newborn and toddler (as well as myself!), especially now she’s potty training. It’s great to keep in the bag to clean dropped dummies and to wipe the portable potty seat and hands if there’s no sink or soap around. It’s especially handy of we’ve been out at the park and then go to have a picnic or snack and there’s nowhere to wash our hands.

It works by using the natural acid that is produced by the human body to fight bacteria and is completely safe to swallow – yes, I have tried it and it really doesn’t taste of anything! It feels just like you are spraying water onto your hands and makes them feel fresh and clean again without creating lots of mess.

I really love this sanitising water, especially as it comes in a little handy travel spray as well as the larger one for home use. We tend to keep one out to wipe the table down with (as well as hands) ready for snack time after Isabella’s been playing in the garden and the other in my changing bag. I’ve even used the spray on a cut knee when Isabella fell over. It was refreshing and didn’t sting; it helped sooth her until we got home and put a plaster on!

A must have product for all changing bags.


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