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IMG_3558This is a brilliant product which really will keep your little helper safe when you’re in the kitchen. If your little one is anything like mine, she/he will want to copy everything you do and will want to be able to reach the worktops to ‘help’ you prepare dinners or do the cleaning.

The product is a really simple idea but it works! Essentially it’s a small wooden box that your child will stand in so they can reach the surfaces in the kitchen and should be used instead of a chair which they could fall off of easily. The FunPod will ensure that your little helper can’t get out and get into mischief but can help you safely in the kitchen.

I must admit that at first I wasn’t sure that it would keep Isabella entertained long enough for me to prepare any dinners or do the washing up but if I give her some pots to ‘clean’ or a bowl to make some dinner in too, she is more than happy to stay in the pod long enough for me to complete the tasks I need to. I’ve also used the FunPod so that she can play with crayons or other crafty activities.

It’s so easy and quick to put together too which is an added bonus – they supply everything you need and a few screws later, you have one fun pod ready to go. The movable foot plate is brilliant and means that in seconds the height of the FunPod can be adjusted and because of the deep groove on the bottom of the plate, it doesn’t feel loose or like it will move around.

FunpodWe have a small kitchen so I was a little worried about it taking up too much room, but I actually wouldn’t be without it now. It’s been especially helpful while we’ve been re-fitting the kitchen and Isabella wants to come and inspect the progress made as we know she will be safe in the FunPod while being around everyone.

I thought before getting the FunPod that this was more of a luxury item because of the cost but since receiving it, I would say it’s a brilliant item you should get if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Being able to teach Isabella about food and being able to engage with her while I’m cooking or cleaning is brilliant; now I don’t feel as though I have to divide my time between the two.

The addition to the FunPod Chalky is of course the chalk board on two sides. This is a brilliant idea. Isabella will happily draw and doodle on this and it’s also great for writing down something I need to add to a shopping list!

Overall I’d say this product is a great buy and would certainly recommend it to parents who spend time in the kitchen.

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  1. Ruthie Goodall says:

    After reading the review of the funpod on Whatmummythinks, I bought the Little helper Funpod as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my 15 month old son. I am not disappointed. Although on the expensive side (managed to get it on amazon for £90), it has transformed my time in the kitchen. Thank you for reviewing this as I had never heard of it before seeing it on this website.

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