Guest Post From Hubby: The reason I chose to get a vasectomy at 35

Vasectomy text, stethoscope lying down on the computer keyboard

Vasectomy text, stethoscope lying down on the computer keyboard

I suppose I was very lucky in some people’s eyes to have the option of getting a vasectomy at a relatively early age. My wife and I had have been blessed with two health kids; a girl and then a boy a few years later.

So, once we’d got through the sleepless nights stage with our youngest (and let’s just say that took longer than we ever imagined), the conversations started about whether we wanted another child or not. We actually decided that we were happy with the family set up we were lucky enough to have.

We had been fortunate in conceiving both the children very quickly when we started “trying” so I wanted to be sure there were no “accidents” which is one of my main reasons for choosing to go ahead with a vasectomy.

The First Step

The first step was agreeing this with the wife; she was always very keen, as the third of three, to have three children. However, after the birth of our youngest, she was now not as set on this idea as she had been previously. Had we had another girl, I’m not sure this would have been the case though.

After agreeing as a couple (and this conversation went on over a few months), the next stage was to go to see the GP. He asked me questions about whether this was a joint decision, how many children we had already, their sex and how old they were. He also asked about our general health and family history to get a better idea of our reasoning for going ahead with it.

Once everything was agreed, I was recommended to the TVVS (Thames Valley Vasectomy Service) who contacted me a few weeks later to go through some basic questions and check the information that they had received from the referral. If you’re interested, you can see their website for more information.

What To Expect

The procedure is basically a no scalpel procedure which uses specific equipment to help stop the body repairing itself and reduce the chances of the vasectomy failing.

My appointment came through a few weeks later for me to go to St Marks Hospital in Maidenhead for the procedure.

On the day I needed to shave pretty much all pubic hair and wear loose trousers. I then had to be driven there (for obvious reasons) and wait to be called in. The nurse first asked me in to a clinic room to go through the paperwork, procedure and then aftercare information which Michelle joined me for. All very similar stuff to usual post op care. It was things like to keep the area clean and dry, no strenuous activity for a period of time, what to look for in case of infections and how to contact them in case of any issues, etc.

I was then asked to get into a hospital gown and was showed through to the next room which had the table for me to lie on. The doctor carrying out the operation was waiting for me. Michelle decided to leave at this point but could have stayed if she wanted (why anyone would I don’t know!).

Quicker than I Thought

The procedure was quicker than I imagined and I was out before I knew it. During the procedure I was asked if I wanted to play some music on my mp3 or if I wanted to chat with the nurse as the doctor worked. I decided on music but ended up chatting with them anyway.

I will spare you all of the intimate details but in brief there was iodine applied liberally and a local anesthetic administered. It was a bit surreal being in a very exposed position, talking about playing rugby and other random small talk with the nurse and the doctor chiming in every once in a while. The first minute or so I’d say was a little uncomfortable, a few stabs of moderate pain and then it was 15 minutes of just lying back and relaxing having a casual chat while a stranger “routed around” downstairs.

When it was over, I was cleaned up, helped down and then shown back into the first room to get dressed. Michelle then came back in to go back over the post op care again and then we could go.

After the Procedure

For a few days there was an ache in the general area, similar to taking a football to the groin, but this soon went. Although you do have a heightened awareness of charging toddlers and swinging briefcases on the tube for some time after!

The next few weeks were ‘interesting’ as they involved flannel washing, little pants (for support rather than style) and no sexual activity. When these first couple of weeks were done I was back up and running as normal.

I was asked to supply a sample after 3 months which apparently gives you a chance to ‘clear out’ any functioning sperm and assuming all is well then you should be fine to use the vasectomy as your sole form of contraception.

I am now about 8 months on and I can honestly say this was a fantastic decision and a few friends have now taken a look at getting something similar done for the same reasons as us. One has even gone ahead with the operation himself.

If it’s something you’re considering then I would definitely recommend it, the thought of it is certainly worse than the reality.

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