Milton Mini Soother Steriliser

Milton MiniIsabella, as well as many other babies/toddlers (I’m sure), has a bad habit of throwing her dummy on the floor just so she can see us pick it up; it became somewhat of a game recently and frustrated me when she did it outdoors or somewhere we weren’t able to wash it easily. When we tried the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser it made things so easy and stress free when I had a screaming baby wanting her dummy that I just wished we had it sooner.

The idea is really simple and the product even easier to use! All you need to do is fill it with cold water and add a Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet (wait 2 minutes or so for it to dissolve fully) and then push two foam pads into the Milton Mini. The foam pads should soak up all the water meaning it won’t spill or leak which is perfect for when you’re out and about.

The sponges inside the Milton Mini not only absorb the water, but they act as a sponge and help get rid of any dirk from the dummy. We tend to have two dummies with us and keep one in the steriliser at the ready and the other pre-sterilised in the bag ready.

The Milton Mini really helped us when Isabella went to hospital as she kept throwing/dropping her dummy on the floor and I was super paranoid about her using it once it had been dropped but once we sterilised it, I was more than happy for her to have it. It really was a sanity saver for us!

You can reuse the same water over a 24hour period so it doesn’t matter how many times the dummy is dropped! I have my Milton Mini constantly attached to my changebag now and won’t leave the house without it.

The unit itself is quite cheap but the tablets are what will end up costing you more over time (a worthwhile cost if you ask me!). The Milton Mini comes with a pack of 10 sterilising tablets to get you started but you will need to buy more.

My only one criticism of this product is that the Velcro strap on the Milton Mini has already started to fray around the edges and I don’t unattached and reattach it a lot.

I’d definitely recommend this product to a new mum who’s baby uses a dummy- an amazing product!

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  1. Mark Morris says:

    Milton Mini Soother Steriliser – great thing!

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