Mobility at its Best

Freedom and independence – it’s what you deserve, no matter your level, you can enjoy mobility at its best with one single significant investment.

A quality mobility scooter can provide endless possibilities to reduced mobility users or those with disabilities affecting their everyday movements.

Senior woman at the seaside on mobility scooter

We understand it can be a big commitment choosing a new companion, and like any lifestyle choice you want it to be suited to you and accommodate your personal needs and requirements.  Why not take a test drive?  Reassure yourself that you’re getting the right mobility scooter for you.

As the UK’s leading mobility scooter provider, Pro Rider Mobility is dedicated to finding the right fit for their customers, recognising that everyone is unique.  Click here to find out more.

Providing yourself with the opportunity to explore outside your home, will allow you to form new relationships from the comfort of your very own scooter.  With limited mobility, you shouldn’t be deprived of an exciting lifestyle, so say goodbye to sitting in front of the TV and hello to unlimited mobility.

There are many benefits to investing in a mobility scooter, we have listed some of these below for you.

Taking back your Independence

A mobility scooter or electric vehicle if you prefer, benefit those who get tired easily.  It can allow people to get out and about without relying on carers or family members.

It will benefit the mental state of mind, as well as making you more physically able, providing you with freedom to leave the house whenever it is convenient for you.  Most public spaces including shopping centres have accessibility for mobility scooters, they can also be taken on public transport, giving you endless ways to socialise.

Easy to Assemble and Operate

With any mobility aid it’s important to have peace of mind when choosing a mobility scooter.  It is recommended to check the assembling guide before buying, most scooters are incredibly simple to operate and put together.  Ask the supplier about the product, especially concerning the correct way to charge the scooter.  Most will be recharged from your home, always refer to the manufacturing guide if you are ever unsure.

Injury Prevention

Mobility scooters can be for people who are elderly or for those who tire easily and lack physical strength.  Many people experience falls and as a result acquire injuries.  A scooter can decrease the rate of these injuries significantly, making it a safer, more accessible option for those that require mobility aid.

Try it for Yourself

If after reading this article, you’re still a little sceptical, you could always try out the option of introducing a mobility scooter into your life.  Many mobility scooter providers offer a free ‘try before you buy’ service, whether it is in their showroom or in the comfort of your own home.  Pro Rider Mobility, as mentioned above, want you to truly enjoy your product, so a home demonstration is a great way to test drive the scooter’s, making sure you invest your money in the one that suits you the most.

 If you make the decision to invest, these are just some of the benefits that will make your life and your mobility better.  The NHS provide further information here.


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