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Teetha Granules 2013

When you have a screaming baby/toddler who just won’t be calmed because their teeth are bothering them, my first response used to be to jump straight for the Calopl (and/or Nurofen). We have had a few really horrible days and nights with teething and while these products do work, I don’t really want to give medicine all the time. Nelson’s Teetha Teething Granules are a homeopathic remedy for the relief of teething symptoms.

It’s easy to use and actually seems to be very effective. I will always try Teetha before I offer Calpol or Nurofen now as I’ve found it to be so effective.

I wondered how I would actually manage to give this little powdered sachet to my daughter at first but once I saw her screaming, I realised I could just poor it in to her already open mouth without her even noticing! I have also subsequently given it to her on a spoon and either method works for me. Once in, the granules just melt on her tongue.

Teetha uses the natural Chamomilla herb which has calming and soothing properties. It helps to calm your little one as well as take away some of the discomfort they feel during teething.

I’ve also given my daughter Teetha when she was ill. At the time we didn’t know that she had tonsillitis, but she was so miserable and in so much pain that she couldn’t sleep. In fact it was at her 1st birthday party that I used it because she just wouldn’t stop screaming. Within 5 minutes she had stopped crying (lust long enough to take a photo of her with her cake) and within 10-15 minutes of giving her the granules, she actually fell asleep. Even though the Calpol had probably taken the edge off the pain, Teetha actually managed to calm her down enough for her to fall asleep (on me).

Teetha(My poorly little girl)

I have never tried the gel as I find gels don’t tend to go where you want them to but really love the granules.

I really rate Teetha as a must have product for every parent and have also had it recommended to me by local dental nurses who do talks specifically for new mums. If you don’t always want to offer medicine, this homeopathic remedy might be for you.

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