Pericoach System Review

Do you wee when you laugh, jump or sneeeze? Having had two children now, my pelvic floor isn’t quite what it used to be and to be completely honest I didn’t really know where to begin when it came to doing anything about it. I had asked in the hospital after my second child for some pelvic exercises and they simply gave me a very faded photocopy of something that didn’t really help.

I really noticed that I needed to do something about my pelvic floor when I started exercising again; aerobic workouts and weak bladders don’t really mix well and I was really embarrassed about the whole thing. I tried a different pelvic toner and I didn’t really notice a huge difference- I had almost resigned myself to the fact that peeing a little when I exercise was now part of my routine but then I had the chance to try the Pericoach System…pericoach

I’d like to say I jumped at the chance, but you know what happens when you jump! So I received my little Pericoach system in December and was quite excited about the prospect that I might be able to do something against bladder weakness. Bladder weakness is actually a lot more common than women think; around 30% of women will suffer with urinary incontinence (UI) and 50% of those won’t ever do anything about ut. UI just seems to be a taboo subject and women, like me, are too embarrassed to do anything about it; now there’s no need to fret about weak bladders because Pericoach takes all the guesswork out of your pelvic floor training and actually gives you live feedback on how your muscles are faring.

When the Pericoach system arrived, I was pleasantly surprised – there wasn’t a ream of paperwork to read and fiddly wires to attach; the unit itself fits snugly inside a case which also acts as a charging port so there’s no need to leave the device out on show when charging for little ones to get their hands on.

The box itself is a little tricky to open, but I guess that’s a good thing really as you don’t want it falling out and you certainly don’t want your little people to find it! Once open, the device is really easy to use and sync up with your phone device. Once I downloaded the free app, it took a minute or two for the two devices to sync and then I was ready to begin.

The first time you use the device, you have to calibrate it so it knows where to start your training. Basically, it measures how strong your pelvic muscles are so that you can push yourself to get them even stronger. Once calibrated, you can start your first exercise. You are told exactly when to squeeze those muscles and when to relax and you can actually see your progress – so there’s no cheating! The device uses three biofeedback sensors to relay the information back to your smartphone via it works

You are advised to start off doing the exercises three times a day before dropping to once a week just to keep your muscles toned. I’ve noticed a difference and I’ve seen the progress that I’ve made in just a short time. I am certainly going to continue using the system to ensure I can exercise without the worry of leaking!

This really is a smart piece of kit that can help you improve your pelvic muscles. Unlike other toners on the market, you can actually see if you’re doing it right or not. The feedback is live and really gratifying to know that you are actually making a difference. You can find more information about the Pericoach system on their website.

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  1. So did it work!? Result in a strong pelvic floor muscle!?

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