Squid Soap: Review

Does anyone else struggle to get their little one to wash their hands properly? I think it can be quite a tricky concept for small people to understand about germs and things they can’t actually see which is why SquidSoap (Magic ink training soap) (Orange) have made washing the germs away a little more tangible for them.

squid soap

When your little squidlet goes to wash their hands, Squid Soap will actually put a mark on their hands that they have to rub away by washing their hands properly. This is a great time to actually introduce some good washing techniques. You can print out a visual guide and stick it on the wall as a reminder for them too.


The bottle buyrevia alcohol itself has a really fun looking squid on the bottle which instantly grabs your child’s attention. The ink pad is perfectly positioned so that there’s no escaping getting the ink on your hands and even better than that, it takes more than just a quick rub of the finger to get rid of the mark. The soap actually smells quite nice too and isn’t too drying which some of these soaps can be.


Isabella has had real fun using this soap and has really started to understand the benefits and need to wash hands after a wide variety of activities.


You can buy Squid Soap for just £1.59 in Tesco and it comes in four different colours.

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