TOMY TF500 Digital Audio Baby Monitor


The TOMY TF500 is a lovely baby monitor with some fantastic features. It’s so easy to set up and to get used to.

The overall sound quality of the unit is good and the sound can be adjusted to suit your needs; it has really handy light display on the hand unit so you can see when your little one needs you even if you can’t hear them. I like having this feature as it’s not always practicable to have the sound on all the time.

I wasn’t sure about the sound activation switch at first as I quite like the comfort of hearing by baby breathe every now and then but once I got used to the fact that the unit would mute 15 seconds after any sound stoped, I quite liked not having constant white noise in the background! It sometimes starts to feel like you have tinnitus after a while with some other units.

The digital range of this monitor is 350m however, when I was downstairs and moving around with the parent unit clipped to me, the connection strength seemed to change; sometimes it would be louder and sometimes quieter depending on where I stood in the room – the connection never disappeared completely it just altered in strength ever so slightly so isn’t a major issue.

I really like how lightweight the parent unit is as well as the fact that it comes with a useful belt clip which is actually strong enough to use without fear it will drop off. If you’re running round the house trying to get things done before your little one wakes up again you know that you will hear when your baby wakes.

The clip at the back of the parent unit can also be used as a stand for the monitor – I really like having a stand, but this is purely personal preference it’s great to use when charging the unit and it also means I don’t tend to loose the handset as much! There is however a handy pager setting on the base unit to help with this issue.

The base unit is a good size and shape and will fit somewhere in most nurseries. It’s clean, simple and easy to use. The thing that I love about this base unit is the night light; it’s bright enough to use when you need to feed or change your little one without having to disturb them and turn the main light on. The best part about this nightlight is that it’s adjustable by the parent unit; turn it on or off with the simple click of a button. You can adjust the brightness of the light by holding the light button on the base unit for three seconds (it will remember the brightness before it was switched off). The nightlight can even be used independently from the parent unit when your baby no longer needs to be monitored making it good value for money as it increases its usability.

The alarm settings on this baby monitor are clear and useful. If the connection with the base unit is lost, the parent unit will beep continuously so you are very quickly aware of the problem. When the charge on the parent unit is running low, the unit will beep three times within a space of one minute so you will need to recharge it.

For £36.99 I think this is a brilliant buy. There are a few niggling issues for me, but for the price, I don’t think you can do wrong.

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