Tomy TVF600 Video Monitor

I always thought that using a video monitor would make me more paranoid as a parent and that I’d be checking it every 10 seconds but I have to say, having used both a video monitor and a normal monitor, I would choose the video monitor every time now. It’s actually made me less paranoid as I can easily check on my baby if I hear strange breathing or squawks which seem quite common with Benjamin without feeling like I need to go into the room and disturb him. Isabella also thinks it’s great and has had fun watching herself on the monitor when I first set it up.

  The Tomy TVF600 isn’t just a video monitor though, it’s much more; it also includes a remote night light which you can adjust the brightness of, a choice of lullabies which are remote activated and temperature display; it’s literally everything you could want in a single unit. The remote lullabies really sold it to my husband as we remember countless nights with our eldest sneaking up and trying to put her lullabies on without getting caught if she was unsettled; with the Tomy TVF600, we no longer have this issue – it’s a little bit of brilliance!

I too absolutely LOVE the remote controlled lullabies feature as we were looking at buying a remote controlled lullaby and light show toy this time round but actually have decided against it having used the lullabies on the monitor. The only thing that I would have liked was an option for the three lullabies to play consecutively instead of just the same one on repeat and an option to adjust the time that they play for but this is just a small niggle as I can literally change it from my seat!

The monitor’s audio is really clear and it has a range of up to 250m which is more than I would need. It takes advantage of frequency hopping which means that you have 100% privacy with your monitor too. I have only used it in the day time so far as I’m still using a co-sleeper at night but it’s been brilliant even with all the noise that comes with having a toddler to entertain in the house. We’ve had it out in the garden as well as around the house and we haven’t had any issues with the frequency or sound quality.

The picture quality is really good. I expected it to be quite grainy but it’s not, it’s bright and colourful as well as being sharp. As well as this the monitor and camera unit are slim and smart to look at.

I’m really not sure what else you could want in a baby monitor – this one is fab and I would certainly recommend to new parents.

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  1. It looks fab.

    Mrs F and I are on the look out for a video monitor now we are moving next month so will add this into the mix. 🙂

    Jim x

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